Thursday, July 2, 2009

Common Education with overall development in India

Maharashtra Education Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil expressed strong reservations against the Centre’s proposal for a uniform board.
“The state will definitely like to see the draft. There are so many issues involved — state’s culture, history, language, etc. In board examinations, we cannot compromise on Marathi language. The state should be consulted. Why should you have a centralised system of education? Education is the responsibility of the state. Why are you taking it out?
Kapil Sibal has started retreating from his grand stand after the different states have started voicing their stands.

Why India as nation should have a common education policy?
If the destination is same i.e. IITs,IIMs and every parents dream is to make Doctors and Engineers so why the path(education system)should not be same.

How come students from different education system compete with each other when the State boards and CBSE differ in their curriculum?

Why not keep a same curriculum for all students and simultaneously keep certain optional subjects?
These optional is development of students but are not taken into considerations in examinations.

This way there will be level playing field as well as good knowledge improvements for those students who want to.

Instead of opposing Mr.Sibal lets support so that the students don't face apartheid policy in at least education.

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