Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Get Back to Life :Brahma Muhurat

When you are down professionally,the first thing which happens is you start losing control of your own  life.This is what is the opposite of what should happen during your downturn in life.Everyone goes through such ebb in life and like lessor mortals we lose grip of our life.We start to hate our life and the first sign becomes evident by our wake up routine,it gets delayed and lifestyle gets deteriorated.
Your disinterest effects your entire life and not only you but your entire surrounding gets sucked into a viral of negativism.

The loss is not only professionally but personally as well.

Like hundreds in order to get out of such vice like grip of negativism ,the first thing we should change is to get back to life by getting up early .

The morning hours of so called Brahma Muhurat is best time to get back at Life.
Fairly 2 hours before 5.30 the Brahma Muhurat starts and it is the right time to freshen up and plug your umbilical chord up with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.The spiritual energy is necessary and vital for the day long struggle.

Consistent Meditation,Pranayam,Yoga can really help in getting the necessary boost of energy to fight your way out.The real challenge is more mental than physical ,a simple act of getting up at Brahma Muhurat keeps many lifestyle disease away and still we fail to recognize this vital fact.

A small change in lifestyle is a big change in Life.