Monday, May 25, 2009

The biggest Risk in Life is Not taking Any ..

The biggest Risk in the Life is not Taking One.
The people who take risks are
1)those have everything in life and want to build on that or want to outdo someone.
2)those who have nothing to lose.

The first category comprise of people who are either second generation entrepreneurs who have a particular social stature or are vying to compete for the numero uno position.

The second category comprise of people who are have either lost everything and wanted to start from scratch or those who don’t have a precedent of success ..basically people from lower middle class families.

Even when we look around we find lacs of young aspirants who start their career and in a decade you find most of them either opted out or are chugging along in some middle level positions in a middle level types of companies.
After a decade of mediocre performance the majority gets into a particular comfort zone and starts enjoying the same .They start believing that this is their fate or they have utilized their maximum potential.This thought becomes a bane in their life and the mediocrity gets ingrained in their psyche.
These kind of people never take a risk because they think taking risk is more risky proposition and they while away their time by enjoying their comfort zone.

One should know that the wave which comes to the shore also goes back and while going back takes some amount of sand below our feet..and this continues till we realize there is nothing to stand upon…Apart from the Comfort zone factor ,lack of ambition is this type of people also make them not take any risk in life.

Ambition is the fuel for growth ..and most of us don’t have it.
This also make most of us stay put in same situation in life for years together and we keep on cursing our fate for the same.

Also the people who don’t take risks are those who plan well but on the action front are laggards. They have a bias against action instead of bias for action…

Those who are successful have unparalleled Risk Appetite ..

Those who are successful turn plans into action with a Speed of Thought…
Those who are successful are not afraid of failures…

Those who are successful thrive on Risks and for them Life Without Risk No Life…

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have to run the Government...

Manmohan Singh is very clear that all the infrastructure portfolios must be under his control.He should not bog down under DMK's pressure tactics which is nothing but dynastic rule.DMK wants only his family and his business to flourish.

Manmohan must take total control of the key ministries and must review their performance like a CEO of a reputed corporate company.And if performance is poor he must show the door to those ministers even when they belong to his key allies.

Making India the Economic Super power should be the only aim...then only we can take on countries like China and US and India must the best among the BRIC countries.

Today the middle class population which was once the bane on this nation have become boon for us..lets capitalize on that.

The Chinese road map of economic growth started with Agricultural growth and then they have initiated energizing Manufacturing sector and now they are shifting focus to Service sector.

The Indian example shows that we have leap frogged from Agricultural to Service industries.The robustness of Service sector depends upon various variables which can shake the entire Indian economy without much controllable variants.

If Manmohan's vision is bring back the India on the world map,he must give due attention to the manufacturing sector along with inputs to Agriculture and Service sector.

Long Live India...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Politics is not about serving your own family and business ...

Shameless political parties with real dynastic aspirations rule roost and we the public seems contented with just the news item instead of pressurising the psyche of these political outfits.

The current dispensation is mandated to serve the nation and take to be the next super power.

How can we aspire to the be a super power if corrupt and ineffective people rule the nation?

We the people of this country have elected certain parties to serve us ,serve the nation and not serve their own family and business interests.

Manmohan Singh this is the opportunity to be the most successful Prime Minister of India ...and this can happen if at this stage only you resist the pull and pushes of political parties like DMK...

Long Live India and the World wait We are Coming..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Success has many fathers....

Now every political pushed to wall and thrashed by the public are clamouring for whatever they can hold to.
Those who have ditched Congress now wants to share the limelight with them.
The primary reason may be either the judicial cases against them or the fear of political future as these Lalus and Mulayam see a reemergence of two party political trend being crystallize in India.

Also the scenario is such that these parasitic political parties are falling head over heals to provide "unconditional" support.

These parasites can go to any length to stick to "power".

This election had wiped out many such "Goondas" out of their political space and the PM should not get bogged down under such pressures .

Dr.Manmohan Singh ..this is the last chance for you to become one of the greatest Prime Minister of India .

Take it and make India the best place to live in and also make all the Indians proud of Sardar Manmohan Singh the true Sardar!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Singh Is King

The result of Dance of Democracy shows that any political party which is middle of the rad types can succeed .

The verdict is though not approval on the present form of governance but it was the TINA factor which is There Is No Alternative to congress.

Its really difficult to know the pulse of the public as with the worst kind of Recession ,lots jobs being shelved and Inflation at its peak the public seems to have other considerations when decided the future government.

However one thing which has come out well is that if your state government's performance is well appreciated.Those days of feudal type of working by the Chief Ministers like Lalu and gang is over.The State Government is performing like a corporate company and the CM is the CEO be it states like Gujarat or Delhi or perennially problematic state like Bihar.

The Road to Indian Parliament is through the Patna,Hyderabad,Chennai and Delhi.

Long Live Indian Democracy!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dreams Come True ..The American Gandhi

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered one of the most famous speeches of all time to an audience of more than 200,000 civil rights supporters on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In his, "I have a dream" speech, King addressed his encouragement of white and black people working together to achieve racial peace and harmony. He especially wanted to teach the young blacks that equality could be gained through the use of non-violence. The main reason King used nonviolence was to create a situation so different from the usual, that it will open the door to negotiations of desegregation and equal opportunity. King also urged African Americans to never forget their dreams and preached that in the eyes of God, blacks should be treated as equals because they are as good as any other race. The statement that stands out the most to me in King's speech is, "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." In this statement, King meant that he wanted to achieve the equality of every race in a place where only the white man was welcome and accepted. King had

He tried to include all black people from all over the country in his dream of change. King felt it was important for his message to appeal to all people no matter what race they were. " King wanted the people to keep the faith that one day they will be free to work, struggle, pray, and live together. King wanted to achieve equality for his people by using non-violent methods. There had been insufficient funds for equal education, equal employment, equal housing, and equal participation in every aspect of American life. felt the same as many other African Americans, hoping that someday all the racism will disappear and the people doing the racism will realize that everyone should get a chance at being treated equally. "All of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics. His wisdom, words, actions, commitment, and dreams for social change, delivered in his speech, has made him one of the most inspirational people of all time. He said that the African Americans weren't free and weren't treated equal, as he thought they should be. And when the black man tried to cash in his check at the bank of justice, it had been returned and marked, insufficient funds. "Go back to Mississippi, go back to Alabama, go back to South Carolina, go back to Georgia, go back to Louisiana, go back to the slums and ghettos of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. an ideal American dream where there was no prejudice, no hate, and where everyone was equal. In conclusion, Martin Luther King's speech, "I have a dream," inspired many black and white listeners who were present in Washington and who were watching in on T.

What Dr Martin Luther King Jr.dreamt Barrack Obama lived!!
Dream and live your dream every moment so your dream becomes a reality..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ordinary People like us can accomplish Extraordinary Feats

A man who was born in a straw hut in a city called Culiacan in the State of Sinaloa, in Mexico, sold ice and newspaper as a youth to get buy, lost his father at the age of seven years old; resulting from a bullet wound during the Mexican Revolution of 1910, as his father was a Zapatista. This young lad became the head of the household even though he had older siblings as he took on the role of being a leader early on willingly. He taught himself to read, write and speak Spanish and English by selling newspapers in Mexico and briefly in the USA he only had four years of formal education. Immigrated to America; as an undocumented worker, during the 1920's, and became a migrant farm worker. During World War II while working in the agricultural fields of the Imperial Valley in the California Desert and married with three kids, he was picked up by the Military a proudly served America though he was not a citizen; serving in the U.S. Navy. By virtue of his service in the Navy he became a US citizen. Subsequent, to the war the family continued to work in the agricultural fields of California, migrating from city to city throughout California going where ever the harvesting was taking place.

The family ended up with nine children six boys and three girls; two boys died at a young age one as an infant and the oldest in an automobile accident at the young age of 18 years old. He always was teaching them the core virtues and wisdom of life's core values of: honesty, love, hard work, integrity, trust, teamwork, and he always, always insisted on education. He believed that education was the way to success and progress. This ordinary man and his wife led the way and produced four college graduates; two that went to the University California System and two that went through the California State University System. Two that went beyond; to earn their Masters Degrees, one from the California State University System, and the other, from the University of Southern California. One out of the four went further to earn a Doctorate Degree from a California Private Business University in California. Now in my view this is an example of an ordinary man who accomplished a pretty extraordinary feat, few will ever know about this man yet a he produced men who worked for a Governor, Congressman, State Senator and State Assemblyman, Vietnam veteran, an Assistant Dean to a Medical School at a premier University in California, and educator they all have been quite successful in the careers and life's, this in my view is extraordinary feat by an ordinary man.

If We still think We are an ordinary middle class worker please think of our potential to do extraordinary feats in same 24 hrs which the richest and poorest have in this world.

Come shake yourself out of the slumber ..Wake up..Just Do It!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Road to Customer satisfaction is through Employee satisfaction

I can find many employees who are the front service desk in reputed companies never smiling and are with minimum eye contact.
It seems someone have forced such employees to serve the customers.You can feel that such employees are not happy seeing a customer walk to you store.You feel irritated at such attitude but are helpless.
Such employees look very miserable and unhappy in their job. This would account for their behavior.You can see many employees with such attitudes in Government offices.

It is difficult to overestimate the impact of employee attitudes on the satisfaction levels of customers. While positive employee attitudes and customer treatment may not be enough to fully overcome problems with product or internal systems, it can reduce the damage that product/systems' problems cause to customer satisfaction. If your products and systems are performing to customer expectations, happy employees are in a position to dazzle customers by treating them with respect, courtesy, and warmth.
Most of the employees of Pizza Huts are live examples of a motivated lot.

The link between employee attitude and customer satisfaction can be seen both in quantitative studies and in everyday life. Think back to the last sour experience you had with a person who was servicing you. How did this make you feel? You have found yourself making a mental note to not return to a place of business where you were mistreated. At the very least, you probably will not recommend an organization whose employees have mistreated you. On the other side of the coin, you probably can recall positive, memorable experiences you have had as a customer that caused you to return to a place of business and/or recommend it to a friend.

A bad employees effect can also be seen on kids,who prefer a particular store even though it can be far from his home.

In the case of the problem of a dissatisfied Government employee , it is possible that he is beyond redemption, in which case he should be fired -- but this should be a course of last resort, and I place the blame for the problem on management, rather than the employee. Has he even been made aware of what is expected of him? Has management let him know whether he is meeting those expectations? It is possible that his attitude could be improved if his situation at work changed. Perhaps he is unhappy with the management style in his organization, his hours, his pay/benefits, his supervisor, or his career growth opportunities.Anyway you cannot expect a employee to smile on his customers if his own life is shamble. If one of these items is at least partially responsible for his attitude, it is possible that he is not the only such affected employee. The only way to know for sure whether company policies or conditions are causing attitude problems is to ask the employees. One excellent way to do this is to administer an employee satisfaction survey and this should be supplemented with customer satisfaction survey of the customers who repeated interact with these employees, analyze the results, and make appropriate changes to policies and procedures. By repeating this process annually you can track your company's progress toward improving employee satisfaction.

One thing which is important is the role of Human Resource Department ,which in most of the organization have become just Recruitment Agencies.

They have to take their role of Human Management seriously.For them the employees are products which also goes through a particular life cycle.

In addition to improved customer treatment, other benefits of measuring and improving employee satisfaction include reduced turnover and associated reductions in training costs. Also, an improved reputation of your company as a place to work may make it easier to attract quality employees.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taliban ..a creation of ISI and CIA

The President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari has finally admitted that Taliban has been created and fed by ISI and CIA.
This is a great admission from none other than present President of Pakistan.

This shows that Pakistan does not have anything more to camoufolgae their basic traits of creating unstability in the world whereas there is poverty and illiteracy breeding in their own backyard.

The admission by Zardari means US has lot to answer on this.The US cannot shy away from its responsibilities to control this menace which hitting hard a soft nation like India.

Pakistan does this henious crime for Religious purpose the US for economic reasons and to maintain its Super Power status in the world.

At this hour of crisis in our neighbourhood India must give confidence to Pakistan that their borders with India are safe and they should focus all their might against the Taliban.

If Taliban is gone the backbone of all terrorist activities in India will also fizzle out as these rogue elements from Pakistan is the genesis of all forms of terrorrism in India.

This is golden opportunity for India to strike with a helping hand to the Pakistan goverment by providing them moral support in their fight against the mother of terrorism..Taliban.

Come on World ...Lets Ban the TaliBan!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Newser: Know More. Read Less.

“Is this going to be a gift or a burden?”

Sean Stephenson is 30 years old, 3 feet tall, and can’t walk without help. And that’s why he is a successful motivational speaker, psychologist, and former Bill Clinton staffer, the Chicago Tribune reports. When he broke his leg at age 10—his condition, osteogenesis imperfecta, makes him vulnerable to fracture—his mother asked him a pointed question. “Is this going to be a gift or a burden?”

Stephenson’s parents were instrumental to his rise. “We tried to instill a lot of positive things in his life, but he took it and ran with that.” Stephenson is occasionally heckled by other disabled people who say he doesn’t “identify with my disability enough,” but he doesn’t sweat it. “Being 3 feet tall and in a wheelchair is about 2% of who I am. I’m more than able. I’m playing large.”

Coming into this life without disability is impossible.
Even God has one or two.

Its all in mind they if you think You Can You Can.

So many of us have physical disabilities and we recognize that.But what about the diabilities craeted by us in our mind.Every day we say its not possible..don't you think this attitude is nothing but creating a mental disability.

Physical disabilities can be treated by others ,Mental ones by ourselves.

If you the human history we will various achievers who had one or more disabilities.

Those have made this world more beautiful..more livable ...more enjoyable are those who were less fortunate than us.

Still their mental zeal made them achieve which we don't even imagine in our dreams.

Everybody who have come will have leave this world tomorrow.

Its the journey which is more interesting or rather we can make it .

MPs with criminal background

According to one report there are atleast 125 MPs out 540 odd in Parliament.

Can you give the keys of your house to a person with criminal background?

If no then what makes us to hand over this nation on a platter to so many criminals.

Is our house more valuable than our nation?

Do we really think our nation as our nation?

The political parties are all hand in gloves with the criminals as you can see from the spending in electioneering .

As a citizen of this country don't you feel its our responsiblity not to elect any criminals in our big house called India?

By accomodating the criminals we have become a part of this rotten system and we still crib about the state of affairs.

Its you who can make a difference to make this great country the best in the world.

Wake up the criminals the door and put them behind bars..

These criminals are legalizing their acts by getting elected and we are helping them..

Jai Ho!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rahul as a PM

How can anyone think of Rahul as a Prime Minister of India?
Does this position require any qualification or its the family which matters?

These congressmen has become a party with bankruptcy of leadership.

Why is Congress always a party full of sychophants?

The reason is congress have allowed a single family to hijack the entire party.

The irony is now most of the other political parties are following suit.

God save this nation...

Jai Ho!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Middle class Lower mentality

Now with just 40% voter's turnout the Mumbaite have abdicated the moral right of criticizing the Government policies.
Even after so much promotions by every possible personalities the lure of weekend holidays and middle class mentalities have gained over the great chance to shape our future.
Forget the democracy somewhere it is the sheer laziness of the middle class which binds to the same dogmas and hampers their growth.
Most of the middle class people always talk about the creme de la creme of every strata of the society and feels happy about it.They feel that the talks itself will bring all the laurels and money we attach with the glitterati in the newsmaking space.
All talks without action keeps the middle class at the same level throughout the life.
India's middle class is the working class which mostly believe in following rather than leading.Stop criticizing and discussing about other's affairs and start believing that we are also made of the same stuff which the so called achievers are .
Just do it!!
Jai Ho!!