Sunday, September 25, 2016

How the biggest of the Corporates fail to Delight the customer...

Pikamu just bought a car. It still has the fragrance of the new car. The day came for the first free service.

Pikamu took the car inside the service station and tried to park in an open space .Suddenly he found the guard asking him to park the car and leave the keys and was handed over a slip with his car registration number. There he was in front of the receiptionist.No acknowledgement no smile as if she is there to do her duty.Pikamu can actually sense a pain in her whole behaviour.She asked Pikamu to wait. He finds the waiting lounge and makes himself comfortable on a chair where three people were already waiting. 

After a minute or two he started feeling the hot air. Neither air conditioner nor fan were there for the car owners.Within five minutes a service person comes calls the registration number of the car.Pikamu felt like being called like an inmate by the jailer(billa number..). Both are there inside the car which is being inspected.Pikamu felt a stink inside his new car. Oh no it is the service person who might have forgotten to apply deodorant today.

Again back in the reception. Suddenly a person who was waiting inside the lounge starts yelling as he was made to wait for so long.The lady misplaced the details of the car owner, so the car owner was waiting and waiting and watching the often repeated movie in the lounge. Somehow the commotion is taken care.The customer failingly tries to exert his right .Before moving out Pikamu meets the Works Manager. Being very helpful he chats for a minute or two and offers him tea.

In evening Pikamu pays the bill and moves out to take the delivery of his car. The security staffs asks him whether he got the car.Pikamu felt like whacking the guy but keeps his cool. Waits for 15 minutes and someone brings him his car. Can't complain as the security guards chit chats sitting and the car owners standing near the gate waiting.Nobody is there to help him understand what has been done in the car servicing. He zooms out of the service station with a betrayed face.

Pikamu starts thinking what an opportunity loss for the car company. 

The most selling car company is still in the infant stage as far as Service Excellence is concerned. 

Service Excellence for them is in the posters and banners for the customer to see and not to experience.

Customer in India is Cust Kar Ke mar….