Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Experiments with Soul!

So many Gurus so many Babas and everybody giving Gyan either to Live Life or Leave Life. I am really confused whether I should prepare myself for Living or Leaving.                              
Yaha Rahne ka thikana nahi waha Jane ki soch rahe hai.

Then there are Corporate Babas who will tell how to become the CEO in your organization.                          

Aaj ka target pura nahi hota CEO huh.

Then there are TV Channel Latkan baba, lucky aunties of the world who tell you how can you make your tomorrow better. 

Aaj ka jugaad hoga toh kal ka sochunga na.   

Now this made me think what should I do? Shall I make tomorrow better, start aspiring to become a CEO or start preparing myself for my next life? I am more confused now.

To hell with becoming something, let me be atleast a good human being. Being a good human needs what I feel is Purity of Soul.

How can I Purify my Soul, when I am full of anger, full of jealousy, full of contempt, full of revenge, full of desires, full of hatred? 

Boy this is easier said than done. Being a good human is not at all very human like.Now even if I wanted to be one, whom am I competing with, the Buddhas,the Mahavirs,the Jesuses,the Nanaks of the world.

Oh My God if I really do so will I still be good Human or  will I be good God like ..even the thought of becoming one makes my heart beat I getting a heart attack!!

I realized one thing my heart is at the Right place...