Monday, July 27, 2015

The Human form of the Magical Tree of 40

The magical Tree of 40 which can bear 40 different fruits by the New York based sculptor and artist Sam Van Aken is a path breaking project started in 2008.The technique includes chip grafting where a sliver of a foreign tree including the bud is inserted into a cut in a live tree.

The final result is 40 different varieties of fruits including peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, etc.

Now imagine how this technique can germinate ideas in people’s mind.

A successful businessman in order to cut cost wanted a sample Employee who can do 40 different jobs. So one hiring gives him a Marketing head, a sales person, an account, HR man and even a security guard !!

A Director of a Zoo wants one sample Animal which can produce offspring like Tiger, Elephant, Deer, Donkey and Monkey!!

A farmer wants one sample Vegetable so that he can get Potatoes, Onions, Brinjals, Cucumbers and even Chillies!!

A Film Producer wants a sample Actor so that he can get a Hero, Heroine, Villain, Comedian and also make up man!!

Now imagine a woman desires a sample Husband so that she can be called mother by an India, a Pakistani, an African and an American and may be an Alien as well!!

Now let’s talk about money. The Tree of 40 costs $30,000 per sample and hold your breath it takes a decade to bear the fruits!!

Now imagine what may be the cost of an Employee 40, Animal 40, Vegetable 40, and Actor 40 and for that matter Husband 40!! 

And like the Tree of 40 if the Employee,Animal,Vegetable....takes 10 years to we have the patience of maintaining them without output!!

Thank God its our imagination not reality!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who is an Eunuch?

A small news item on a leading national daily caught my eye.

It was titled “Doon eunuchs refuse center’s funds offer”. I am not going into the merit of their decision to reject the schemes like pension scheme, education scheme and skill development.

How on earth any Indian can reject such an offer of something for free?
It’s very unindian!!

When most of us are dependent on some dole or other, right from birth to death how can eunuchs reject them?

We have generations being funded for their education and jobs and now such system have become their birth right. When you get everything if you belong to a particular community,why would anyone toil to achieve their goals? Somebody is getting the benefit through reservation and someone through subsidy. Someone gets some freebies for pilgrimage and someone because their forefathers stayed in jungles. Today even the Parliamentarians get subsidy.

Why not make India a Welfare state and give education and everything else free to all. If that is too much to do why not give freebies to all the economically lower strata.

Oh no then how can our political class survive without caste, religion, etc.!!And whom we Indians vote for without allegiance to caste and religion.

Can anyone stop this freebie culture to economically forward people irrespective for their caste and religion?

Anyway India got freedom in 1947 and India is Free today!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Experiments with Soul!

So many Gurus so many Babas and everybody giving Gyan either to Live Life or Leave Life. I am really confused whether I should prepare myself for Living or Leaving.                              
Yaha Rahne ka thikana nahi waha Jane ki soch rahe hai.

Then there are Corporate Babas who will tell how to become the CEO in your organization.                          

Aaj ka target pura nahi hota CEO huh.

Then there are TV Channel Latkan baba, lucky aunties of the world who tell you how can you make your tomorrow better. 

Aaj ka jugaad hoga toh kal ka sochunga na.   

Now this made me think what should I do? Shall I make tomorrow better, start aspiring to become a CEO or start preparing myself for my next life? I am more confused now.

To hell with becoming something, let me be atleast a good human being. Being a good human needs what I feel is Purity of Soul.

How can I Purify my Soul, when I am full of anger, full of jealousy, full of contempt, full of revenge, full of desires, full of hatred? 

Boy this is easier said than done. Being a good human is not at all very human like.Now even if I wanted to be one, whom am I competing with, the Buddhas,the Mahavirs,the Jesuses,the Nanaks of the world.

Oh My God if I really do so will I still be good Human or  will I be good God like ..even the thought of becoming one makes my heart beat I getting a heart attack!!

I realized one thing my heart is at the Right place...

Monday, May 11, 2015


What do you make out when you hear SOP i.e. Standard Operating Procedures or as per military it is Standing Operating Procedures?

Any normal Joe will think that SOP is just term to be used in corporate scenarios.

Think harder. Most of the problems in our lives is because of non-adherence of SOPs.

Let’s take today’s incident where a traffic cop is hitting a lady with a brick or the Uber cab case in Delhi.

In the first case the traffic cop did not bother to follow the SOP of dealing with a citizen and also the citizen did not follow the SOP of dealing with a corrupt cop and the in second case the traffic department did not bother to do the due diligence before issuing the permit and also taking care of the issue of woman safety.

In both the cases there is a SOP to be followed which was not,which led to the incident.

What is SOP? These are directives defining the actions to be taken upon the occurrence of specific events. It is a set of rule written or otherwise which needs to be followed in our daily lives.

Now let’s see what is our attitude towards SOP like a safety fire drill in offices. Most of the time we do it grudgingly. If someone is asked what we will do in case of fire break, we will be caught unawares.

A simple a case of eating ice cream beyond limit is again an act of non-adherence of SOP which leads to the throat problem and may cause loss of opportunities.

A blatant non-adherence of SOP of speaking on mobile phone while driving which is being done by the illiterates as well the uber class.

One more much abused case of non-adherence of SOP is smoking which causes cancer still we hardly think before lighting the next one.

Rather than trying to change the entire world if each one of just follows the SOPs in our lives it will be certainly a better place to live in.

Shall I call SOP as Save Our Planet?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Corn to Popcorn

Every day millions of people start their day as fresh Corns and begin their struggle to provide for their families. During the course of the day these people change from fresh corn to popcorn.

Life in a metro sucks.

However is it only the change in our physical appearance?

What changes more than the physical appearance is the emotional turmoil which is happening in the mind. We start cursing ourselves and playing with words which are nothing but negative.

Is this life we are meant for?

Everything what happened today is unexpected and why this happens to me only?
These negative words create negative thoughts and these negative thoughts attract everything that is negative in life. 

Beware of these negative thoughts because first you create them then these thoughts Create You.

The important question is not what is happening to you but how are you responding to it?

The Stimulus which makes us react negatively is just 10% but the reaction is 90%.

Are you just Reacting to the events in life or Responding to it Positively ?

Think of it.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Why Simpletons always face the brunt of life?

Why Simpletons always face the brunt of life and the Smarty are laughing and enjoying life?

Smartys are the appreciated lot and they have a sense of “achievement” while Simpletons feel like losers. Just look around yourself in your offices. Do you see yourself as Simpletons or Smartys? Most of the time I get intrigued by this basic fact of life.

Little research shows that Simpletons always think from their heart and Smartys from Mind.
In order to survive, man has do all calculation and permutation and combination. With calculation you realize the good and the bad in life. Both the Simpletons and Smartys use Mind to calculate what is good and bad for them.
So far both the kind of man think in the same way. However Simpletons mostly use Heart after Mind to “feel” while Smartys use less Heart after Mind to “feel”.

If you see Simpletons are mostly “passive” people and Smartys are the “aggressive” lot.Smartys capture the centre stage while Simpletons are sidelined.What is good? Being Aggressive or being Passive. Aggressive (Smartys) people care more about themselves than others while Passive (Simpletons) are exactly opposite. Both are extreme behaviour. Winning is more important for Smartys and less for Simpletons. Does that mean Simpletons don’t like to win? No it’s not like that. But Simpletons will not like to trample on other’s win and will like to sacrifice their wins.

Both the behaviour are bad for self. Anything extreme takes toll on yourself in long run. Feeling for Self and others is best form you should adopt. This is an Assertive behaviour and is win-win for everyone. Just like loving others is important so is Self-Love.

Nobody is born Assertive and but changing your extreme positions will support you in order live a Successful and Happy life.

The next time you see yourself being trampled by someone else it’s time to change yourself rather than others.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Small Habits Big Impact!

You call up someone to get some information on say a contact number and when the information is given, you interrupt and make him hold and go on to a pen and paper hunt!

You have been called by your Boss and you enter his cabin and he blurts certain instructions, you run for pen and paper!

You go to book railway ticket (not very often these days) or to your bank to deposit a cheque and lo you remember something is missing and you start searching a poor soul for a pen!

What do these incidents show?Are we less serious about small things in our life? Or

Do we think these issues does not require the attention in front of big issues in our lives?

These have become our habit and we start enjoying our lackadaisical attitudes.

Though these incidences may be small but create lasting first impression about ourselves.

People immediately size you up and create an image of yours in their mind and use them to judge you in future which may be detrimental your interest.

The real question is how you change these minor and everlasting habits.

1. Become Aware that these incidences are small but creates absolutely bad first impression about us and thereby create an image and perception about us.

2. Accept that these habits need to be changed for our betterment.

3. Act on them by creating a process for a hassle free life and fantastic image.

Are you still struggling with small irritating habits?

By the way how many times you have seen people appearing for a job interview without the hard copy of CV!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's your Mount Everest?

He is a bright young man who is in his second job. Today’s job scenario is nothing but roller-coaster ride.Every time he has some issue with his boss or in his organization his ultimate reaction used to log in to the job portal and look around. Luckily he used to get a couple of offers at any point of time.

Everyone thinks it’s better to get a more than one offer at a time. But the reality is like being a donkey who is hungry for a long time and gets haystack on both his sides. The donkey could not eat any, unable to decide which one to attack first.

Whenever this friend of mine face such "donkey" situation he used to turn to me. Since both the offers have their positives and negatives it was really tough to choose one.

I faced similar situations in my life (not in my career) as well. In order to control my emotions I created a tool which not only helped me but it can be lighthouse to everyone else also.

I called this tool as Mount Everest.

My question is what’s your Mount Everest?

If you are clear about your Mount Everest then this is your ultimate goal.

If you are clear about final destination only job left is to find the best path which takes you there.Even when you are not at a cross roads like my friend you should know your final destination or else you will be a captain less ship.

Those who are unaware of their Mount Everest always go through a Valueless career choice, where they get moolah but hardly enjoy the journey.

Do you know your Mount Everest?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Corporate Sharks can learn from Real Snakes?

I live in a locality where there are lot of snakes.Right from grandpa to the smallest kid is scared of the snakes.Many have seen the snakes lot of times.

Still nobody knows how many snakes stay there.But everybody says there are many.It has become something of the folklore.

It may be possible that there is just one or two snakes but since everyone sees a snake at different times so each one of us feel there are many.

What has snake to do with corporate sharks?

With so called depressive growth every leader feels the pressure of getting their team to perform better.As if during good old days everyone were in massage parlor!!

The type of leaders organization produce these days are itself questionable as the only question these leaders ask is daily morning number commitment and evening achievement.It has become so routine that the leaders feel their only responsibility is to ask the numbers.They don't have an iota of knowledge of neither strategy nor tactics!He doesn't earn any respect from the team as they know if the leader has become accountant he can only count his salary.At least such accountant leader should go back to Drucker and Kotler if they don't want to use the apparatus called brain.The question of EQ does not arise with such accountant leaders as they use only their left brain.

Finally if these daily number crunching does not yield result they will use the Brahmaastra i.e. heads will start rolling.With a directionless team when this threat does not work then they will make some charlie to resign.
One or two Tom going out then the threat of sack does not effect people. Like a quick sand the entire team submerges.The Leader then catches hold someone else's tail to swim in some other corporate ocean.

Who suffers? The organization.

Coming back to snakes. 

Corporate leadership should understand that the fear of snake is more powerful than its bite.

If you observe a snake, in case if any imminent danger it raise its hood and that itself is enough for people to mend their ways.But a snake will never overuse its threat(bite) unless absolutely essential.

Can constant fear of losing job make you perform?

Those who use constant fear may realize that performance under fear kills the organization.

The most powerful person is who wins the war without a single shot being fired.

How very little can be done under the spirit of fear?-Florence Nightingale

Learn from snakes-overuse kills,anyway don't we all play snakes and ladders in our organization!

So whats the number for today? Sir...r its PF32Q5PV86XF!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Are you sufficiently topped up to acknowledge other's contribution?

How do you feel when someone very respectful pats you on the shoulder and recognizes your contribution?

How does a student feel when his teacher recognize his genuine efforts?

We all like to be Acknowledged by our peers,superiors,friends and family.

But when it comes to reciprocating,do we have the large heart to do so?

It has been seen that normally people don’t acknowledge someones contributions.

What can be the reason for the same?

Acknowledgment is act of giving.Human being by nature does not like to give.That too in this competitive environment people hardly do so.

One reason being people think acknowledging someone’s effort means acknowledging that your are less capable.

Secondly you must be actually topped up for acknowledging someone else.

Are we miser in terms of acknowledging someone else’s efforts?

Ask yourself.

People will compliment someone for his good dress. But complimenting is done when you feel good about something.In acknowledgement “me” is out of the picture,it is about the other person,his efforts and his achievement.

Is acknowledgement only needed in corporate offices?
Even in our family people need acknowledgement.Since we are so near to them we hardly see and recognize their efforts.Our Mothers,fathers,wives,siblings and kids contributions should never go unnoticed as all our achievements are cipher without them.

When was the last time you have acknowledged the contributions made by some dear ones and not so dear ones ?

And you thought Structures are buildings and monuments!!

Here is a brilliant student who wants to clear an important examination of life which can propel him to stardom and alas is not able to do so in the first go.

Has his brilliance shadowed? Does he not have the free time to study?
Has he not got the materials to study? Or his will power has ebbed ?

Does he not have a good freedom from disturbance to study ? 

Or he does not have the necessary luxury in his home which is stopping him from enjoying his life and only forcing him study?

No amount of deliberations could elicit the real reason of his failure.

How can brilliant student with all luxury fails ?

The fact is that he could not clear his exams.

A thorough analysis reveals that he has everything to succeed.That means he has every structure to support his study.

However his being there alone in the home with the Idiot box and music system available for use(abuse) he whiles his time without anyone to watch .He wastes his crucial study time on entertainment and being alone he is free to do so.

The Structure of being alone was the most important which he has created for fall.

A simple act of moving to library to study during those crucial days would have supported him.

Discarding a bad structure like being alone and creating a good structure like going in a library to study could create an immense difference.

There are some many structures in our lives which have become routine part of ours and many like leeches are drawing blood and we are unaware.Identify them and replace them with good structure which supports our goals.

What will you call a biting shoe for an athlete ?

A bad Structure.

What will you call a 5 am friend who calls you  to gym?

A Good Structure.

Have you taken the Will Roger's Test?

Will Rogers a Hollywood actor once famously said “I never met a man I couldn’t like”.

He did not say “I never met a man I didn’t like”.

By using the word “couldn’t” what Roger pointed to a simple fact that reaching out to humanity of man is choice we can exercise.

Relationship is a ship which is held together by the glue of Trust.
Without Trust the relationship Rusts.

Most of the problems in this world whether they include between two nations or between two business partners or between husband and wife happens because of lack of trust.

Trust is the most abused word in the world. However when it comes genuinely understanding trust our efforts are not in right directions.

If this is such a known fact  and everyone is aware of the same ,why 
there is no efforts towards that?

The first step to create trust is commit ourselves to doing so.

Acknowledging the lack of trust can be pointer towards to create so.

Commitment is followed by creating a trusting space between partners which help all the emotionally to connect.This further leads to genuinely putting our heart out for everyone else to see and appreciate.

This can only happen when people come into the partnership with an open mind .

A non judgmental behavior is must and honesty is very useful when mistakes happen.

Ethics in relationship will help us to unearth our deepest lacunae’s
and biggest dreams .

In a trusting relationship we are supported throughout our journey and challenged to learn and develop our skill sets on our way to achievement of our life goals.

Can we take a stock of existing relationship on the basis of trusting relationship?

Can we proactively use the Will Roger test and trusting space creation for any new relationship we are creating?

Can you agree and say “I never met a man I couldn’t like”.