Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reinventing Yourself

We may be one among the millions who are running to make both ends meet and aspire for more.
It may some years that we are moving faster and faster for getting higher and higher.

A time comes when we are running like zombies not knowing where are we going? What are our goals ?

Suddenly you realize whatever you are doing is not taking you towards your goals, its actually not even worthy of pursuing.

Tired and bored , doing the same things for years together!

Actually the goal posts have shifted and so are your personal goals!

A time comes when you feel nonexistent to the family , friend  and to the world at large.

That’s the time to Reinvent yourself.

Are we the lesser mortals who face this situation?

No we are not alone.
Did you see a caterpillar changing to a beautiful butterfly?  

Did you see personalities like Amitabh Bachchan still surviving the Bollywood race?

Did you see the oldest lyricist in India Gulzar giving the younger lot a run for their money?

What did they do ? They reinvented themselves.

That’s the time to start again ,fresh for total makeover and clear goals to enjoy life once again and be happy and spread happiness.

Just remember....

  • Think through your present situation and come out with suitable goals for yourself.
  • Create and implement the action plan for the said goal.
  • Make yourself immune to the world’s habit of criticizing you.
  • Remember it will be painful to change yourself totally, so be patient.

Take pit stop but never stop till you have reinvented yourself.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Honest Indian raise your hand against Corruption

Those who want to list their clan’s names for Lokpal bill please raise their hands.

If this is asked to the people of this country I believe all except certain clans will raise their hands.

Still people will be amazed to know that how come anyone claim himself above board in this country inundated with corruption and make efforts not to include himself or his trade in Lokpal bill?

Here corruption has become a religion!

After the Anna movement people thought several clans will come forward and suggest that the Lokpal bill should include their trades also.

Alas that is not to happen!

Corrupt politicians will try their might and in collusion with the goondas,chamchas and dalals will try to malign everybody who is involved in the anti corruption movement so as to derail it.

India this is the last chance to show the corrupt people their right place,don’t miss this chance.

A nation with less corruption will be able to provide a better living condition to its citizen and their providing a conducive growth environment to India to prosper.

We Indians have a habit of not acknowledging the problem it reaches our door and we are personally affected.

It's time to change!

Monday, April 11, 2011

100 Post Cards to Manmohan Singh

100 Posts against the deadly Virus –Corruption!

When the entire nation was registering their protest against corruption and rallying behind the Gandhian soul called Anna Hazare , 100 citizens form Mumbai have lodged their protest to the Prime Minister of India by using one the oldest form of communication cards.

Using the post card itself was novel thing looking at the condition the e mails, twitter and Facebook are meting out to almost extinct “post card”.The simple act of buying 100 post card amazed the lady at the counter and that might have completed her entire target.

With computers, laptop, palm top and mobiles in hand people are fast forgetting the art of handwriting.
The act of using a 50 paise post card itself is very personal and touching form of communication between two individuals and here is the question of making the Prime Minister awake of the ground realities of the nation.

These 100 citizens poured their anger out on the PM in their choicest language.

The writing on the wall is loud and clear –India is against Corruption.

Long live India!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corruption free India is my birthright and I must have it!

Corruption starts from the Top. The crusade must take us to logical conclusion. Politicians are the bane to the society. Every nook and corner of this nation is full of corrupt people.

Second war for Independence against corrupt has just begun.The Jan Lokpal bill will act as a deterrent against the corruption. The movement by Anna and team is biggest since Independence.

1.2 billion Indians have supported the Indian cricket team and helped them to get the required motivation to lift the world cup.Can this support be for our nation ,for our own people ,for our motherland who is being ransacked by the bloody politician of all hue and color?

The entire population of 1.2 billion is being fooled by just 1 lac bloody politicians.

Let Jantar Mantar be the Tahrir square of India.My appeal to all youth and student to support this movement and clean the system immediately.All political parties are equally responsible for looting this nation.All the terrorist attacks happen when there is someone in the political echelon or the bureaucrat who has sold the nation to the enemies of our motherland.
Political parties distributing Televisions, blanket , etc is nothing but corrupt practices by these leeches.3,00,000 Crore being stashed away in Swiss bank we have people dying every day due to starvation.

Keeping your eyes closed on corruption is nothing more than behaving like an ostrich and makes you an accomplice of the corrupt.Don’t keep yourself aloof of this movement.Speak up and come out in open.Half a century has passed and India is still hovering at the bottom of the heap of the nations.

We don’t have dictators like in Arabian and African nations but politician in India are ready to sell their mothers.
Once the Jan Lokpal Bill gets passed we can see a different nation arising in this world.It took us long to get independence from the Britishers but in days of international media breathing down your neck it will be a swift movement.Have patience and let the movement gather movement ,the entire government will fall like a pack of cards.

Enough is Enough,now its our turn to decide our future.

Let’s pledge our support to all those fighting against corruption.

Citizens of India wake up and fight for your right!