Monday, April 18, 2011

Honest Indian raise your hand against Corruption

Those who want to list their clan’s names for Lokpal bill please raise their hands.

If this is asked to the people of this country I believe all except certain clans will raise their hands.

Still people will be amazed to know that how come anyone claim himself above board in this country inundated with corruption and make efforts not to include himself or his trade in Lokpal bill?

Here corruption has become a religion!

After the Anna movement people thought several clans will come forward and suggest that the Lokpal bill should include their trades also.

Alas that is not to happen!

Corrupt politicians will try their might and in collusion with the goondas,chamchas and dalals will try to malign everybody who is involved in the anti corruption movement so as to derail it.

India this is the last chance to show the corrupt people their right place,don’t miss this chance.

A nation with less corruption will be able to provide a better living condition to its citizen and their providing a conducive growth environment to India to prosper.

We Indians have a habit of not acknowledging the problem it reaches our door and we are personally affected.

It's time to change!

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