Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What Corporate Sharks can learn from Real Snakes?

I live in a locality where there are lot of snakes.Right from grandpa to the smallest kid is scared of the snakes.Many have seen the snakes lot of times.

Still nobody knows how many snakes stay there.But everybody says there are many.It has become something of the folklore.

It may be possible that there is just one or two snakes but since everyone sees a snake at different times so each one of us feel there are many.

What has snake to do with corporate sharks?

With so called depressive growth every leader feels the pressure of getting their team to perform better.As if during good old days everyone were in massage parlor!!

The type of leaders organization produce these days are itself questionable as the only question these leaders ask is daily morning number commitment and evening achievement.It has become so routine that the leaders feel their only responsibility is to ask the numbers.They don't have an iota of knowledge of neither strategy nor tactics!He doesn't earn any respect from the team as they know if the leader has become accountant he can only count his salary.At least such accountant leader should go back to Drucker and Kotler if they don't want to use the apparatus called brain.The question of EQ does not arise with such accountant leaders as they use only their left brain.

Finally if these daily number crunching does not yield result they will use the Brahmaastra i.e. heads will start rolling.With a directionless team when this threat does not work then they will make some charlie to resign.
One or two Tom going out then the threat of sack does not effect people. Like a quick sand the entire team submerges.The Leader then catches hold someone else's tail to swim in some other corporate ocean.

Who suffers? The organization.

Coming back to snakes. 

Corporate leadership should understand that the fear of snake is more powerful than its bite.

If you observe a snake, in case if any imminent danger it raise its hood and that itself is enough for people to mend their ways.But a snake will never overuse its threat(bite) unless absolutely essential.

Can constant fear of losing job make you perform?

Those who use constant fear may realize that performance under fear kills the organization.

The most powerful person is who wins the war without a single shot being fired.

How very little can be done under the spirit of fear?-Florence Nightingale

Learn from snakes-overuse kills,anyway don't we all play snakes and ladders in our organization!

So whats the number for today? Sir...r its PF32Q5PV86XF!!