Thursday, April 30, 2015

Corn to Popcorn

Every day millions of people start their day as fresh Corns and begin their struggle to provide for their families. During the course of the day these people change from fresh corn to popcorn.

Life in a metro sucks.

However is it only the change in our physical appearance?

What changes more than the physical appearance is the emotional turmoil which is happening in the mind. We start cursing ourselves and playing with words which are nothing but negative.

Is this life we are meant for?

Everything what happened today is unexpected and why this happens to me only?
These negative words create negative thoughts and these negative thoughts attract everything that is negative in life. 

Beware of these negative thoughts because first you create them then these thoughts Create You.

The important question is not what is happening to you but how are you responding to it?

The Stimulus which makes us react negatively is just 10% but the reaction is 90%.

Are you just Reacting to the events in life or Responding to it Positively ?

Think of it.