Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kill Yourself

Towards a new YOU
In everyone's life a time comes when you are frustrated.You see failures time in and time out.Your frustration increases to such levels when you think of nothing else but go away from that particular situation and subsequently this world.

But that's nothing but cowardice.

The best way to manage such a situation is to kill the your baggage you are carrying.

The best way is to kill all those memories that will haunt you forever and will not allow you to take positive steps in life.

A simple trick like thinking that today is your first day in that situation or in that workplace or in that assignment.

With your past gone you feel like a new born.The advantage of beginner's mind helps you to start afresh.

Though its is difficult to fake the truth but extraordinary situation demands extraordinary measures.

You are what your Mind is.Understanding this simple fact helps you in faking that your past is dead.

Long live your Present and kill your Past!!