Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Good Leader knows how to fly kites..

Where are you? Where did you go? How ? Why? When? 

Are you a Boss like this?

Are you breathing down your team’s neck?

Are you a Control freak?

Does your team want a Leader like you?

Now turn the question on yourself  and ponder,will you like to be chased and caged every day ?

In order to get the tasks done do you chase your team or nudge them?

A true leader and team member’s relationship is like a flying Kite.

The kite is required to be given necessary air to fly and requires raise and stability. 

Good leader fly multiple kites with different length of threads and still manage to give each of them a feeling of sense of ownership of their existence.

A good leader will always give much needed liberty to his team and still not lose sight of him.

This will help give the team the necessary Freedom to Excel and Accountability to Act.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Be the first one in front of your customer…

As a greenhorn  when I started my career as a fax machine salesman ,my job was to contact small and big companies where I can sell  and achieve my quota.

Initial 45 days passed without any success  and then one day my boss told me that we cannot pay if things don’t turn positive.
It was only natural to have the animal instinct of fright and flight.But rather than getting bogged down I started contacting more people on daily basis.

Then one day a small company who were into printing business asked me for a demo ,which turned out good.After keeping the order and cheque in my bag ,I asked the customer ,in spite of so many salesman and so many big companies selling the same product why did he give me this order?

He said for all the big companies I have to call them and you are the person who came to me!

That day made me realize it is the not the best product or the bigger company which will make you sell but rather it the best timing when you are the first one to satisfy the customer’s early hunger for that product.

Always be in front of the customer when his need is getting birth!

After this incident my resolution for the career were :

-Be the first one to help the customer during his need stage.
-Customer would like the sales guy to be in front of him rather than calling him over.
-I cannot be omnipresent so I made my customer contact program  4 times of my best competitor.
-I always imagined my competitor is working harder so I have to work 4 times harder.This made me produce outstanding results.

Cut to today’s social media world still the customer faces the same problem ,how to get the sales guy in front of him when there is a need.

Now Hard work has changed to Smart work where you make yourself available in front of your customers virtually and consistently as you never know when the customer’s need is germinating!!

Joh dikhta hai Woh Bikta hai still holds true!  

Friday, April 5, 2013

Stop Managing...

''What is Management? This was the final question asked to me during my entrance to my B school.

Without much thinking pat came my revert "management is managing men tactfully".

And I was in!

 At the hindsight when I think I don't feel great on such theory of managing people or managing team.

 Is your team a bunch of sheep that you will manage?

Are they to be herded like animal?

Are they to be controlled like robots?

Such mentalities make me think of  myself  like a Supervisor whose job is to keep an hawk eye on the people and draw sadistic pleasure of so called managing people and this an attitude of high handedness oozes out of your personality.

After one and half decade later I started thinking, what is true Team Management?

Do the people need your managing skills or they need your helping hand?

This made me change my approach towards people in my team by 180 degrees.

An occasional and unintended "help" to some people during my  journey of discovering people potential   made me to think of making it as a Management practice.

My realization made me replace all "management" word by "helping" in my practice of performance enhancement.

When you do this small change in your day today vocabulary, then ''I manage the  team to achieve the organizational goal" metamorphosis into "I help the team to achieve the organizational goals".

When you replace all "managing" in your lingo by  "helping" you "feel" the change not only in in your team but  in the whole environment.

When as a team the objective is to achieve a common goal then why manage and why not help?
Ask yourself.

Now turn the table on yourself and see if you want to be "managed" or to be "helped".

However the greatest effect of  this small change is not on your team but on You.

You will feel more satisfied and your yearning for contribution to the society will start fulfilling today.

Helping rather Management makes you feel contented and happier about what you do in your life.

Don't believe it .Try it!!