Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Soul Curry!!

The journey called life has taken me to Patna,the capital of Bihar ,the flagship BIMARU state.

All thoughts of you being robbed,kidnapped and injured started in my psyche the moment I landed in the city.After completing the conference I was keen to venture around and wanted to feel the life there.
The city seems to cruzing on its own speed.The small roads were full of traffic with pedestrian ,two wheeler ,four wheeler and also cattles making your way all the more difficult.
However one peculiar thing about Patna seemed to very frequent urge of everyone to honk.
One can safely honour Patna with the title of "Honking capital of the world".Here honking seems to be the birth right of everyone and nobody cared for silence zones,etc.

All of us went to see the Ganges ,where in order to kill the time we went out on small boat which was filled to the brim.After some time the boat started drifting towards a small island like place.

Once there we kept our shoes in the boat and jumped into the water to cross over to the sandy patch of soil.

The view of the palace of the king of Dharbhanga on one side and Mahatma Gandhi setu on the other was itself fully paisa vasool and it was for just ten bucks for the return trip.

Suddenly the boat which brought us started moving towards the other shore.Before we could realise anything it was far beyond our clarion call for our shoes which were left in it.All big discussion on the geopolitical situation screeched to halt and suddenly everyone came back from the divine and enjoyable sight to the real world where the only question cropping up in every one's mind was their shoes.We couldn't but start doubting the boat man and everyone inside it.Being in Bihar nobody could even think of getting back those much needed shoes.

After some time few more boats sailed to the island but alas our boat was nowhere to see.

When every Tom started planning to go the naked feet to our Hotel rooms ,suddenly we could listen to a shout "O Jutey wale bhayya ,Aapka Jutey le lo"! It was the same boatman whom we cursed and called names just a few pairs of shoes!!

All four were so delighted to get back the shoes and I started thinking -the people in the heartlands of India particularly Bihar are not heartless as they are portrayed outside.

They are simple people with dreams of making both ends meet ,they are ambitious people who could not enjoy the fruits of modernisation ,they are people who thought "vikas" is not their cup of tea till somebody opened their eyes to the colossal loss they have incurred by entrusting wrong people for so many years.

The trust of India lies in villages and on the banks of sacred Ganges live the true sons of Mother India!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yeh monthend ka end kab aayega!!

Sales guys have their lives counted on months.It is expected that a good month good performance makes you eligible for the paycheck or else you are #$@%!^.
As airplane pilot's experiences are measured in hours a Sales persons experience should be measured in month ends.Some funny Joe will ask you in job interview about your contribution to the organization...aree Saheb itne din tika raha ..itne month end nikale woh kya kum bada achievement hai!!
The guy tired of sales life finds himself infront of a Daruwala to know his future and listens ''jajman aapke toh sirf 12 month ends baaki hai".
The poor guy must have died many months but this bolt must have been the last nail!!

Many battles have won and many lost around the month ends.When the entire company is relaxing the sales guys is drowned in the month end ...dumping material till the time business partner starts vomitting.
The last hour sales targets and last minute ditches by the customers are normal heartaches for the sales guys and still he is expected to live and perform to prove his worth.

Beginning of the next month some creative genius from the marketing or your boss's boss appears from nowhere to know the reasons of last month's success.
His question clean bolds you and makes you wonder, you scratch your head say to yourself "had I known the reason of success don't you think I would have implemented same every month".

Now if you had a bad month you are liable to explain the reasons of failure,now alas if you had known the reason would you not rectify the same that month only.
A successful month brings many Fathers who will claim that it is there ideas which clicked...

It's like asking the patient the reasons of his ailment!!

Every month Sales world rotates around monthends and the sales guy wonder when will be his last month!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Life Like A Puppet

Many a times in our life we have lost control on our own finances!!

Many a times in our life we have lost control on our own temptations!!

Many a times in our life we have lost control on our own vision!!

Why does it happen to us that we buy many things in our life on impulses?

Why does it happen to us that we join a company because somebody else wanted us to?

Why does it happen to us that we have relationship because someone else wants us to ?

The primary reason is aimless voyage on the journey called Life.

Also it may be possible that we have not "discovered our calling".

The fault lies not just within us ,it is ingrained in our societal psyche.

It has become our culture!!

Precisely that may be the reason why only few people are successful in their life and are in complete control.

The irony is most of the time lessor mortals like us react to events,situations and people and we not the creator of our destiny and finally "ourselves".

Either you have your own goals or you become a part of someone else's goals.

That's why most of us are like puppets dancing to other's tune.

Take charge.....
Control your own destiny.......Or someone else will!!!