Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is India?...Everybody is busy for themselves

Are we Indians concerned about the nation?

The "haves" are more interested in their powerplay.

The middle class is trying to become the next "haves" and maintaining the distance from the "have nots".

The BPL is busy making their both ends meet.

Who is concerned? And for what?

The lower strata of the pyramid starts their day for food ,clothing and shelter.

The middle class is proud for becoming a market for American and European MNCs.

The "haves" display their lip service for uplifting the BPL and making middle class dream about their life being better than yesterday and children going to good school and increasing the LPG prices and then decreasing it and thus showing their benovalent nature.

Long Live India!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

As you Sow So you Reap !!

The SMS just got me up on rainy saturday morning.Normally all the SMSs with gyan are a big no-no for me unless I am in a mood.Almost I touched the delete key when I thought of viewing the SMS.

One of my colleague had send the same.It read like this...

While walking ,a man was shocked to see God selling on the sidewalk.

Man:Lord!What are You selling?

God:Whatever your heart desires!

Man:I want happiness,Freedom from Hunger and Peace for my family.

God(Smiling):I don't sell Fruits,Son.
Only Seeds.Whatever a Man sows ,that is what he Reaps.

As they say your present conditions are because of your karma.
If you make others unhappy ,you are cruel to others God has the way to pay us in the same coin.

If this is true then Why was Sri Ram made to suffer for fault of his?

If this is true then Why was Jesus crucified ?

If this is true then Why was Mahatma Gandhi killed?

If this is true then why so many good and lesser known people amongst ourselves suffer at the hands of God and Man?

Still we the lesser mortals think Karma catches up with you in this life?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations..Kya aap bhi Procrastinator hai?

Though I knew about my abilities from the early days but could not do any path breaking things in life.Apart from all the other limitations the most important one was off course was Procrastination.

For a better of my education and till first few years in career I almost self nominated myself as the Lifetime President of World Procrastination Association.

For many it is a hitherto unknown term in some English dictionary but for me it was nothing short a life threatening and growth stopping disease.

For those who have woken just now Procrastination is a behavior which is characterized by the deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision.
Psychology researchers also have three criteria they use to categorize procrastination. For a behavior to be classified as procrastination, it must be as they say counterproductive, needless, and delaying.

I was dead sure because of this "leech" I would have sufferred for the rest of my life.

To medicate myself I took the help of many self help books but the moment I finish the book I started lazing around and I was back on square one.

It was such a blood sucking disease that no matter how many times I have motivated myself I could not get myself out of it or rather I could get it out of me!!

To start something good which will give me growth and happiness,the first thing which came to my psyche was why not do it on a Monday or rather on the 1st of the month or rather on the New this way differment was the name of the game.

Psychologists often cite procrastination as a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision. Psychology researchers also have three criteria they use to categorize procrastination. For a behavior to be classified as procrastination, it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying and I was sure my sympotons were perfectly matching.

Surprisingly it were not big things which were delayed by me but errands like paying the bills,going for hair cut,getting the Pollution Under Control test done for my car...everything I used to postpone till the time I was not forced by the situation to get the things done.I have paid not only through my nose monetarily but also wasted significant years of my life.

To get rid of this disease I have invested time for "Eat the Frog" and started eating so called bigger and ugly frogs but the craze lasted for few days or maximum a month.

I even thought of getting myself a session with a psychologist who can take my brain out,wipe of all the bad memories and fear of unknown,etc from my subconscious mind, which I realized were the causes of same.

Alas I being the Lifetime President of World Procrastination Associate why should I move my butt towards anything..for that matter psychologist ..first postpone and then forget it ..

However I must admit the status quo resulted in lot of stress, a sense of guilt, the loss of personal productivity, the creation of crisis and disapproval from others for not fulfilling one's responsibilities or commitments. These combined feelings acted as force multiplier and further promoted more procrastination. I learnt that though it is normal for people to procrastinate to some degree, it becomes a problem when it impedes normal functioning. Chronic procrastination may be a sign of an underlying psychological or physiological disorder.

Finally I started writing down what ever actions need to be initiated by me and on completion of each activity would strike them same out.This made me feel better and started pampering myself on each achievement.
After from this I have put the fear of being called as "Living Failure"in my subconscious mind which in due course started acting on my conscious mind and flesh and blood body.

Yes I am improving ....but am I immune to Procrastination...Yes I have ...

Actually I have started delaying Procrastination itself.

Beware it is around everywhere...Are you infected ??

Take a test yourself..write down five things which you have not acted in last one week..yes you might be thinking one week..that's normal...but never know when it stretches to one month...six year ...lo the new year is around the are thinking you will start acting on these delayed adventures as New Year Resolutions...Good...No...Bad.....You are suffering from Procrastination..

According to Dr. Linda Sapadin there are six types of procrastination that a person can be solely or a combination of. The styles are
1)The Perfectionist
2)The Crisis-Maker
3)The Dreamer
4)The Defier
5)The Worrier and
6)The Overdoer.

What is your style Sirji??

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations..Self Motivation is like bathing..You require it Daily

Self improvement requires lot of motivation from the external environment.But it is also true that for the engine of life to rev properly it needs a fuel called Motivation.
This fuel is very precious but you can get it from outside or you can manufacture yourself.Manufacturing this fuel yourself is nothing but Self Motivation.

Nobody else will motivate you,you have to carry your own cross and move ahead in life.The moment you start your day you tend to attract lot of demotivating factors.Just like you have your crucial breakfast before leaving for the day to take on the world similarly a regular dose of Self Motivation is must.

The Self Motivation comes from fact what you want to do in your life and what are your goals.Self Motivation can be positive affirmations like "Yes I can do it" to a more complex thinking which will imbibe the same in your subconscious mind and your body will start responding in the fashion your imbibed motivation directs you to.

The most important necessity of Self Motivation is to have a Positive Attitude in life.

A never say "No" attitude kills any negativity in yourself and the good part is it is very contagious and spreads fast.

Spread Positivity............. Motivate the World!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Absurd Laws and yet true to real life situations

Whether you are home ,office or a public place there’s bound to various laws which seems absurd but true.
Some of the humorous and thought provoking of such gems are collected for you.

1)The Unspeakable Law:
As soon as you mention something..
…if it’s good,it goes away.
…if it’s bad,it happens.

2)Lewis’s Law:
No matter how long or how hard you shop for an item,after you have bought it,it will be on sale somewhere cheaper.

3)Etorre’s observation:
The other line moves faster.

4)Jenning’s Corollary
The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet.

5)Parkinson’s Axiom:
An official wants to multiply subordinates and not rivals.

6)Imhoff’s Law:
The organization of any bureaucracy is very much like a septic tank-the really big chunks always rise to the top.

7)Mencken’s Law:
Those who can-do.
Those who cannot-teach.
Those who cannot teach-administrate.

8)First Law of Debate:
Never argue with a fool-people might not know the difference.

9)Weiler’s Law:
Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.

10)Matz’s Rule:
A drug is that substance which,when injected into a rat,will produce a scientific report.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Real Life Leadership situations..Golden years for the motherland

More American at their golden ages are joining organizations like Peace Corps volunteer working in the public health sectors around African countries where nearly one in four individuals are infected with dreaded diseases.They are getting to experience what it's like to live in another culture, and that adds lot of value to them..
People are forgetting the mapped-out cruises or packaged vacations to see the world and this is the kind of travel they are interested in now .
A growing number of Americans over 50 are dedicating time in their golden years to volunteering abroad. Even married couples are allowed to join together.
The decision is becoming more attractive with a sickly national economy sparking more layoffs and early retirement packages. The economic crisis is giving them an opportunity to take a break and join organizations which offers work like teaching and volunteer programs in foreign countries.

India has 60 million who above 60 years of age which means 1 in 10 and which will be become 1 in 5 by 2050.

As Indians save regularly which is 42 per cent compared to global average of 35 per cent and with family and healthcare being their main motivators and they are also more prepared to take financial risks 24 per cent compared to 18 percent globally.

Our fathers who have worked hard and made fortune for us and also they are self sufficient and have the family support can be asset to the nation.

Good NGOs who can make use of their volunteering role in nation building will not be a bad idea Sirji!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are the "Hari Sadu" of your organization?

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Does the growth of your subordinate/second in command ensure your growth in the organization?

This propelled me to think of the different bosses who shaped my career and whom I have assisted and helped them grow.

Type 1:Autocrats
They are like czars whose only aim to rule roost and make others life as hell as possible.They are hated by each of the team members and as everyone knows all his acts are only for his benefits.They scream,bark,bite and create their own system.They can be best described as "Hari Sadus" in your career path.
The best way to tackle is not to tackle at all ,"discretion is the better part of valour".

Type 2:Democrats
They are like Prime Minister of a coalition government.They mostly believe in consensus and are easily approachable and they believe in open office funda.
The best way to tackle them is show your best self and promote yourself with your ideas and suggestions.

Type 3:Back stabbers
They mostly lack in knowledge base and are actually depended on the team but does not show it.They take all the help from the team and present it as his own and ensures all the decisions from the top does not percolate to the team and whatever he percolates he takes all the credits for the same and makes it as his own benevolence.They don't feel a pinch to stab you in order to promote themself and can snatch the rug under your feet at any possible opportunity.
The best way to tackle them is to open a line with his bosses and feed them with relevant info about the real creator ,as and when necessary.

Type 4:Mother hen
They can never believe that his team can grow and occupy his chair in future.
But at the same time he protects all team and never allows you to come in the firing line.
The best way to manage them is to make him realize that he(the boss) is due for a promotion and he should worry about his colleague(who is his competitor )than the lowly team members.

Type 5:The Great leveller
Though he has grown but he always believe that nobody else is better than him to be a good shepherd and he is always there to go down to the frontline and channel level to take care of the issues.The team members feel there is no need for them in the organization.
They best way to tackle them is to tell them the story of the Prime Minister of the nation doing the work of a corporator.

Type 6:The Ignitors
This type of bosses are not involved in your day today activities,they are neither concerned whether you are online offline ,in the office or on tour ,etc.
There only concern is "you take what you want and deliver I what I want".They give all the freedom and try to ignite your mind and and fire your imagination and in turn you own your success(or failure) to yourself.
The best way to manage them is get the maximum out the system(boss)and propel your growth by performance.

Managing the Boss is nothing but managing his thoughts and his liking ,his past,his aspirations and if still you get time to manage yourself and think of yourself and your future then do it!!
Having said this one thing certain ........................................ Managing your Future is nothing but Managing your bosses Future!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Life long Customer Loyalty program

The loyal customers must get additional vantage points for the loyalty shown towards the brand.
This can be done by giving the customer some kind of Unique ID which can be used the customers
1)in case of new purchases by the same customer.
2)it can be also be used by some other customers who have been promoted the same product by the existing customers.
3)a relatively large chain can be built by the company and the members keep on getting the loyalty benefits during the customer life cycle of huge and loyal customer base.
4)these customers act as brand ambassador for the company by their word of mouth stories .

Monday, August 3, 2009

Real Life Leadership situations..Conquest of Fear

One quality which separates the Successful persons from not so Successful is Conquest of Fear by the Successful.
"Darr ke agey Jeet hai" describes the feelings in a great way.During my career as a Sales and Marketing Professional I have seen it myself.
For lesser mortal like us Fear is not just climbing a mountain or doing a bungee jumping,it is as simple as going into the Vice Presidents/CEO's cabin and talking to him.
I have seen great professionals with performances delivered on daily and monthly basis,get butterflies in their stomach if the head honcho calls them.
The most perceptible and visible thing in a person with fear is their presentation skills,which takes a beating.The fear in such cases are due to lack of confidence in themselves and also they suffer from tremendous inferiority complex.
There are various kinds of fear(phobia) but many suffer from the fear of unknown.These personalities are not even aware of the reason of their fear.
They realize that a particular kind of fear has creeped into their body,mind and heart.The solution for such fear is nothing but to take a deep breath and say to yourself "I am in control".

Positive affirmations changes the fear cloud in your mind and you feel confident and are ready to nip the fear bud in the roots itself.

Make it is practice to take a deep breath and say"I am in control" every hour and within and a week's effort you will start feeling better.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Shobha De cries in Romania?

I found it heart breaking... look into those sad eyes. Look at the plastic begging bowl. There she was at the palace gates in Krakow on a cold evening, playing a single tune over and over again on that little accordion. I placed a few coins in the bowl.... but couldn't walk away-----Shobhaa De

Poverty is the curse all over the world and it does not know any religion and and there is choice to the children to choose their parents.

The situation in India is worse and still we need a foreign location to shed our tears.

People who matter like Shobhaa De can take causes of poverty eradication in India.

Why waste your talents and huge influence in the top echelon of the Public administration and Ministries?
Rather work for employment generation and other real and more prioritised social issue than show your skin in page 3 of a national daily.

Come on Shobhaa the nation pays you through the currency of Love and Publicity!!

Baloch issue will figure in Indo-Pak dialogue: Gilani

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that Baloch issue would be raised during bilateral talks with India when it resumes.

Why are the Indians perspiring when the "B" word is raised by Pakistan?

If we are not involved what is the reason for such a panic reactions from all quarters? Let them raise "B" for Balochistan ,the Indians can raise "K" for Kashmir,"P" for Punjab so on and so forth.

After decades of fuelling the anti India feelings in Kashmir and Punjab now Pakistan is showing its helpness in Balochistan.

After presenting so many evidence of Pakistani interference in Indian internal affairs and sponsoring worst kind of Unislamic and horrendous acts against the sovereignty of India and which were duly corroborated by Uncle Sam still Pakistan did not do anything to stop the anti India camps in Pakistan.

Sometimes a thorn is used to take out a thorn.

Lets payback Pakistan with the same coin that they used against India.

Long Live India!!