Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Real Life Leadership situations..Golden years for the motherland

More American at their golden ages are joining organizations like Peace Corps volunteer working in the public health sectors around African countries where nearly one in four individuals are infected with dreaded diseases.They are getting to experience what it's like to live in another culture, and that adds lot of value to them..
People are forgetting the mapped-out cruises or packaged vacations to see the world and this is the kind of travel they are interested in now .
A growing number of Americans over 50 are dedicating time in their golden years to volunteering abroad. Even married couples are allowed to join together.
The decision is becoming more attractive with a sickly national economy sparking more layoffs and early retirement packages. The economic crisis is giving them an opportunity to take a break and join organizations which offers work like teaching and volunteer programs in foreign countries.

India has 60 million who above 60 years of age which means 1 in 10 and which will be become 1 in 5 by 2050.

As Indians save regularly which is 42 per cent compared to global average of 35 per cent and with family and healthcare being their main motivators and they are also more prepared to take financial risks 24 per cent compared to 18 percent globally.

Our fathers who have worked hard and made fortune for us and also they are self sufficient and have the family support can be asset to the nation.

Good NGOs who can make use of their volunteering role in nation building will not be a bad idea Sirji!!

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