Saturday, October 3, 2009

Free Means No Value..

Free means No Commitment...No Value..

When you self medicate yourself you don't feel like getting better but the moment you decide to visit a doctor ,even before you finish talking to him you feel better.

This is the magic of a getting a service through your hard earned money.

There can be a discount on a product but never something absolutely free.

Things which are free are never treasured ...say a politician's election speech,an advice given without asking for,etc.

Even your life is not have to make it work...every muscle...every blood vessel stretch its guts out.

Also when a product or a service is sold (distributed) free,it loses its charm and most of the times people don't believe it is really free..they always think there must be a catch or a fine print... and finally it does not get sold(forget about distributing).

Or rather its better to add value to your product than discounting it...

As they say there is nothing called free lunches!!

Are we Financial Fools??

How many times we have spend a hell of a time to choose the brand of shirt we like in a high street departmental store?

How many times we have asked our friend for helping us to choose the flavour of ice cream ?

How many times we have spend our precious time on the idea of joining a big corporate giant so that we get that extra buck?

Many ....many ......many hours to choose those things in our lives which won't be there for more than few minutes(ice cream),few days (shirt),few years(a new job)!!

Have you ever thought why do we toil so much for the whole life for earning ..but how many days ..forget hours we have given ourselves to take care of the money we earn ...which we will need even for our last rites!!

Most of the middle class "aam aadmi" like us toil their ass off to earn more and more ...than ourselves or rather more than our friends,neighbours,etc.

But why such an apathy towards the hard earned money ?

We will gloss eloquent over FM's budget ..the fiscal deficit..GDP going down..Balance of payment ...but when it comes to our own financial health we take pride in saying "Finance is not cup of tea"?

For a routine fever or two continuous coughs and a few sneezes we find ourselves in front of the doctor then WHY is that when we are in debt soups,credit card mess or month end money tiffs at home ...we just ignore... which can be malignant and can make our lives a living hell!!

Are we really earning tons of money for today...tomorrow...?

Are we really earning tons of money for ourselves

As they say either you work for yourself or your money works for you or for a smart Jack it can be both.