Thursday, February 16, 2017

How "Huborgs" can transform our lives?

In a recent talk at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said humans would have to merge with machines to avoid becoming irrelevant. Musk explained human brains are not capable of keeping up with computers which would start replacing people in certain fields of the work. 

Now the real question is, why human brain is not able to keep up its own resolutions most of the time?

Human brain knows what is good or bad for us. That’s why we human being plan many resolutions for our betterment. However the same brain ditches us when it’s the time to implement them. The human brain knows certain things like greed, lust, anger, etc. are bad for us, and still the same brain allows us to indulge in them. Also on top of it the same brain justifies the action!

Isn’t it pretty frustrating when we want to do something which is beneficial for us but we end up doing the exact opposite?

What’s the solution?

Imagine a situation when the human brain only plans and a part of it, which is machine aided brain implements it. This will eliminate the issue of procrastinating on our New Year resolutions.

Human brain knows pornography is bad, so it resolves not to indulge in it, but alas…it motivates the same human being to enjoy it! Can this task of barring the human being from its indulgence be given to a machine aided brain?

Human brain knows anger is worst, still it can’t stop a human being from getting angry. Can this act of stopping be outsourced to a machine aided brain?

How we do we do this?

Yes the combination of human brain and a machine is the key.

If human heart can be controlled by a “pacemaker” why not the human brain can controlled by a “director” which is a brain aided by a machine which I am calling as “Huborg” which can be programmed to implement things for us which we have planned. In case we don't the "Huborg" sends electrical signals which are not enjoyable, which will force us to action the plans. Anyway many lessor mortals don’t implement things unless we forced to. The "Huborg" can be a great boon such people to be far more successful.

If this happens just imagine how each human being changes and enhances his potential to achieve his dreams. As they say we humans utilize only 40% of our potential. We can bring a revolution, a transformation in the way humans behave or rather “Huborg” behave and nears cent percent potential utilization.

As of now it seems like a sci-fi, but sooner than later “Huborg” will be a reality!

What do you say?