Sunday, September 18, 2011

Carrying the brick..

An architect who was walking around a construction site asked an apprentice what he was doing?

The child simply said I am carrying the bricks.

“No’’ said the Architect,”you are building a cathedral”.

Most of the times in our corporate life we are concerned about the targets which we chase and try to deliver . After a point we forget that we  are a part of bigger motive.

We forget that we are responsible for few families,a society and play our role in making this economy grow.
When we start realizing that we as sales guys are actually playing bigger roles that help achieve bigger things in life, our vision becomes clearer and we start enjoying the work itself.

A small change in vision is big change in attitude and loads of success!

Work to liberate yourself...

Long years back when I  joined an organization as a greenhorn ,I distinctly remember the day when at 6 I tried to leave the work place.And still remember the piercing stares and  slicing vibes of being non committal to my work.

Though I moved out of the office but in times to come I had found that I have a felt being left out in the race.

I have seen people who spent the entire day on the gossips and then suddenly when the non sales staff leave these cockroaches come out and with rings of smokes being let out they put their heads inside the PC monitors.

The culture of leaving the office when the last train is almost leaving have  created a vacuum in many people’s lives.

Then came the culture when everybody vied for being the person whose office presence is judged by the timing of the mail’s sent time. Some smart Alec started timing their mail sent in order to show their late night working!

Then came the culture of working on all the sixth day of the week to create an impression of hard working.I had a boss whose penchant for calling you to work on festival days was most hated by one and all ,but who dares to bell the cat.

In the corporate jungle you are supposed to work harder and now harder has been stretched to longer .
You feel guilty if don’t work longer.

In one organization I distinctly remember not seeing the daylight near my home on any weeks of years together.But still you feel guilty if arrive a little late the next day.

When Narayan Murthy said “don’t love your company love your work” many CEOs might have felt that he is implanting the bad seeds in the employee’s mind.

But who thinks about the burn outs among the employees?

In the hind sight we all might have started our career to liberate ourselves from poverty,drudgery,hell of being time pauper ,but in no time we have imprisoned ourselves without even realizing !!

Now you feel you have missed the bus of a destination called Life!

The Family of a corrupt man is more responsible for corruption ..

When you find Kalmadis and Rajas of the world , what do you feel?

Are they themselves responsible for the rampart corruption cases which made put their golden years in jail?

Of course they are!

But think again whether the corrupt man is responsible for this state of affairs by himself.

Think of person like Kalmadi. A pilot by profession some years back might have dedicated his life for the nation and could have won lot of accolades for the social work .
There is nothing wrong in becoming an entrepreneur.

What might have started as a little more earning opportunity like service centers and car dealing might have led to lot of murkier dealings to satisfy the needs of his family and aspiration of extended family members.

May be if the family could have prevented a corrupt person to stop his misadventures in the initial days or  might have revolted against his ways and means might have saved himself a whole lot of disgrace 

Just as the mother who was bitten by the son at the gallows  for not stopping his petty stealing activities during his initial days, similarly the wife and kids should have stopped enjoying the fruits of corruption during the hey days ,can save lot of us from falling to the hands of satan.

The so called Kalmadis and Rajas might have done of this for the family and for himself to live burden free life and alas they are not even free now!!

But are their families free? Yes they are lawfully but not morally!!

The family that does not stop the man from being corrupt is always full of guilt!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The New Poor

Anyone who lacks money is poor by the standard definition. Of course 

without money you can neither eat nor enjoy. However without money you 

can still live on someone else’s money. You are always in debt and doubt.

Does that mean only lack of money makes you poor?

Think again!

With the new middle class rising and lots of education there is a breed of people who have everything in life .

Lots of money,houses,cars,holidays and hoards of clubs and pubs to splurge and loads of friends to pile on.

Can you really call them rich ?How do you define a rich?

Before we define richness, let us define life.Life is a journey.Everyone has arrived to finish it.

Many amongst have taken the literal meaning of life as a journey and since it needs to be finished and for 

many it means life is Race.

Now in order to win this race people slog for hours and go back with fat pay cheques and top positions in 

the corporate “maya jaal”.

What they lose in this race is the time to really enjoy this money in a way which will help you to grow 

morally and have a spotless character.

In this race most of the times you are speeding so fast that you can’t see your child growing and your loved

ones waiting for you at your home!

In this race you are spending so much time in meeting the outside world that your own world becomes 


What you have aspired for when suddenly see your own wife is not there in the sunset days of yours,your 

children have left the nests to build their own.

You don’t remember when was the last time you were with yourself!

You have arrived in life as the New Poor!!