Saturday, September 3, 2011

The New Poor

Anyone who lacks money is poor by the standard definition. Of course 

without money you can neither eat nor enjoy. However without money you 

can still live on someone else’s money. You are always in debt and doubt.

Does that mean only lack of money makes you poor?

Think again!

With the new middle class rising and lots of education there is a breed of people who have everything in life .

Lots of money,houses,cars,holidays and hoards of clubs and pubs to splurge and loads of friends to pile on.

Can you really call them rich ?How do you define a rich?

Before we define richness, let us define life.Life is a journey.Everyone has arrived to finish it.

Many amongst have taken the literal meaning of life as a journey and since it needs to be finished and for 

many it means life is Race.

Now in order to win this race people slog for hours and go back with fat pay cheques and top positions in 

the corporate “maya jaal”.

What they lose in this race is the time to really enjoy this money in a way which will help you to grow 

morally and have a spotless character.

In this race most of the times you are speeding so fast that you can’t see your child growing and your loved

ones waiting for you at your home!

In this race you are spending so much time in meeting the outside world that your own world becomes 


What you have aspired for when suddenly see your own wife is not there in the sunset days of yours,your 

children have left the nests to build their own.

You don’t remember when was the last time you were with yourself!

You have arrived in life as the New Poor!!

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