Friday, July 31, 2009

Can we use Religion for national interests?

Can we use Religion for national interests?

National issues can be a friendly neighbourhood which is essential of India to prosper and take on the world.Our neighbourhood is infested with China and Pakistan who always breathe down our neck and makes our instability their foreign policy cornerstone.

As they say"enemies enemy is your Friend"..India is battered by both China and Pakistan in most collaborated efforts.

One at time its better to take on the bigger neighbour China which if taken care will resolve the other problem.

Apart from the common border both the nations are one of the oldest civilization.

However one of the common but neglected commonality is the religion.

The majority of Chinese follow Buddhism which has its inception and strong followings in India as well.In the national interest we Indians with the help of Buddhist religious leadership can create an understanding and strong bonding with the Chinese religious leadership can influence the Chinese psyche.

This will help project India as the fatherland of their majority religion.

It is always the person who is at the helm of the affairs can tilt the situation in our favour.The case in the point is how come China suddenly drops the Sikkim issue.The primary reason is the Vajpayee's personal charisma which altered the scales in our favour.

Similarly the India-US relationship got hoodwinked by the personal relationship of Nehru with them.It took not only the end of cold war but also the growth of India as economic behemoth to change the perception of US towards India.

In case of China it is only the religion which will make the Chinese bite the bait sooner than expected.

Long Live India!!Long live our religions!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations..Dream Big ..Dream Moon!!

One of the Real Life Leadership situations which I encountered was the case of Ramesh Sojitra who as a teenager living in a small Saurashtra town,was fascinated by colour prints. Such was his passion that at 22, he ran away from Dhoraji to Mumbai, leaving behind tracts of land his father wanted him to farm.
He mopped floors at a printing studio in Mumbai and worked as an office boy so that he could learn the tricks of the trade. Soon, along with his friends he started a small printing business in Mumbai.
Two decades later, Sojitra, 44, is close to redefining Indian GIS (Geographic Information Systems) segment has developed an integrated GIS and image processing software, which will help prepare better maps. This has applications in sectors like defence, telecom, infrastructure, urban planning, agriculture, environment, power, disaster management and healthcare.

Those with passion so strong that for them normal achievement is no achievement.

For them their Passion is their Mission.They believe they can and they did.

Stories like that of Ramesh Sojitra inspires many with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Those who dream Big and think and act consciously(their passion gets ingrained in their subconscious mind) never fail in life.

Even if they do they will treat these failures as stepping stones and launching pads for a bigger assault .

Those with Positive Attitudes are always motivated to take Definite Positive Steps in Life and they succeed.

We salute the true Indian entrepreneurial skills.

Long Live India !!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Experiments with Truth..Sach Ka Samna

I still remember the days when as a primary school student I have to accompany my family to some family engagement in our native place.

Though I protested mutely about the first semester examinations I was elated to go there and enjoy the holidays.Seriousness of the career and exams are what what I got much later in my life.

After the much enjoyed holidays I found myself sitting for the exams.

Though not sure but still remember it was Geography.Always got cent percent in this subject and so not knowing many answers made me feel that my life is nearing the end.
What will class say if I fail?

What will be impression on teachers for whom Sun can forget to rise but I failing is impossible.

What will my parents thinks?

Finally I decided to just keep the Geography book inside the desk and started writing the papers.

Alas the invigilator got wind of my misadventure!!

The scolding itself was enough for me rectify the situation.

My maiden experiment with Truth ended at least in my primary school tenure.

Joining Scouts was always for girlie thing.
Chance of joining the National Cadet corp that too in Air wing was enough for the boys to mature as men.After school the selection started and I was pretty sure that I will be selected.But Alas I was rejected because of my spectacle.I thought it gave not only clear vision but also a studious look which the teachers favoured and the opposite sex liked.

I spectacle which gave vision was there to my life dark and so unmanly.
I was seeing other students appearing for that "parade" test and getting selected and I was standing and visualizing the amidst the girls in the Scout parade.


With a flash of brilliant thinking I took off my spectacle and shoved it in my school bag and again appeared for the "parade" test with the next upcoming batch.

As the "Luck" have been the NCC Sir could not recognize me and I got selected.

Thank God I was Man again.

After this successful Experiment with Truth during my two eventful years I was awarded the Best Cadet,Led the entire state for National Integration Camp and also became the Blue eyed boy(nee Man) of the corp.

Keep on Experimenting ...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is Life?Is it the search for Money,fame,peace,love...

Sometimes while running towards the end you stop , take a deep breath and start thinking what is Life?
The four letter word looks so simple that any soul can know the true meaning.
Can you really do that?
As per oxford dictionary Life is the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth and functional activity.
As per Wikipidia the meaning of life constitutes a philosophical question concerning the purpose and significance of human existence.
Enough is enough !!

Why I am running around?

Where will I reach after such a journey?

What will I get after such a torturous journey?

When death is certain why toil so much?

What are we earning for ?

It has been the subject of much philosophical, scientific, and theological speculation throughout history. There have been a large number of answers to these questions from many different cultural and ideological backgrounds.

Will get mad ..

Life is nothing but a journey..

It’s a voyage ..enjoy it !!

Life is simple,we make it complex by adding all non sense to it.

The greatest discovery is the Discovery of Self.

You see again I am on the journey to discover self..

Its never ending ..Its limitless….Its infinity….

Albert Camus observed, we humans are creatures who spend our lives trying to convince ourselves that our existence is not absurd.
Ha Ha Ha ….

Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations--Obama puts off the racial flare ups

Obama has invited Massachusetts cop Sergeant James Crowley and Harvard don Prof. Henry Louis Gates, who had a racial run-in last week, to the White House to smoke the peace pipe  over a beer. They have both accepted the invitation.

Obama moved to defuse the situation that he partially aggravated when he weighed in in favor of the Harvard don, a distinguished African-American scholar and a close personal friend, by saying the police had acted ''stupidly'' in arresting him when he (Gates) called them about a burglary in his house. It turned out that the President made several questionable assumptions, including suggesting that the incident was racially motivated, and the President has since backed off a bit.

Can we imagine the most powerful man in the world to taking steps to dose off the racial fires which he has inadvertently helped to aggravate the situation?

Can we think of any Indian Parliamentarian with such statesman like behavior?

We have all powerful people's representative who are responsible for fuelling communal rights ,emptying the state coffers,creating overall disharmony and putting the nations integration at stake.

Our Parliamentarian should learn from Obama and save the nation.

Long Live India and Long Live Obama!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations...Gold from Waste

The other day I was travelling in long distance train.A gentleman in his sixties was sitting quite for more than last two hours.The Silence in that part of the boogie was killing.Normally travelling alone has its disadvantage.Though an extrovert I always communicate with the fellow travellers to understand the true meaning of Life and try to motivate myself by knowing the positives of the common man.

I couldn't stop myself from asking the gentleman about his life and what does he do for living.

"I clean to earn" said the gentleman.Also he earns handsome for his venture.Its a company which cleans Railway oil tankers and sell the waste to make both ends meet and that not for that gentlemen but for at least 50 people in his organization.

I wondered how creative people bitten by entrepreneurial bug can generate capital for the society albeit in a smaller scale.

Next time you see a waste think of the old traveller who Converts Waste into Gold.

Every Indian can't be a Dhirubhai or Narayan Murthy but nothing can stop us from Dreaming Big!

Long Live India !!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

U.S. Airline Gives an Apology to India's Kalam..Sheer waste of Public time and money

Continental Airlines Inc. Wednesday apologized to India's former president, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, for frisking him before he boarded a flight to New York.

The apology came a day after India's Bureau of Civil Aviation Security filed a complaint with the local police against the Houston-based carrier for "wrongfully" frisking Mr. Kalam on April 21, in contravention of bureau rules that exempt specified VIPs from such body checks.

Continental said in a statement that it has formally apologized to the former president for any "misunderstanding and/or inconvenience related to the security screening on April 21."

Though the airlines may have apologized,they will keep on doing so as per their rules and regulation.

Man of Dr.APJ's stature should not created such a hue and cry for a non issue.

Kalam saheb is known for his humility and has right approach towards issue.

Its sad to see such an esteemed personality wasting along with the nincompoops MPs who are more concerned with these issues which creates more noise than on issues concerning the people who have elected them to take care of their issues.

Long Live Indian Democracy!!!

With the type of elected members in the Parliament it is only God who is managing the country.

India sitting on Time Bomb..Population Bomb

The world has a population of 6 billion. As of March 2001, the total population of India was a little over 1 billion. Of this number, 157,863,145 are children up to the age of six years (81,911,041 males and 75,952,104 females). Despite the fact that India was the first country in the world to have a population policy, not much has been achieved in terms of population control.

India is facing an intense crisis of resources. There is fierce competition for the nation's limited natural resources leading to quarrels between states, between communities and even families. Our land and water resources are being exploited to the hilt. The exploitation of mineral resources is threatening forests, nature reserves, and ecology. Seventy percent of the energy resources need to be imported putting constant pressure on us to export more or face currency devaluation. Over use of resources is contributing to natural disasters occurring more frequently and with greater devastation.

Before Gulam Nabi Azad no Health Minister was even bothered about the consequences of this time bomb.

The population control project concerns all the Ministries but you can hear any word from any other Minister.

In fact this project should be taken on war footing by the GOI and the private sector organization with social responsibilities should be involved .

All the NGO's first task should be to educate the various strata of population about the consequences of population hazard.

Now its a Do or Die situation for India!!

Come on India Stop bragging about population being an asset!

Let it not become a Curse for India!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Role of Indian Television Industry in Character building of Indian Youth

The Indian Television Industry has been in existence since last 4 decades and have grown leaps and bounds.

The viewers have become aware of the various facets of life.
However a deep analysis shows that most the channels focus on daily soaps,reality shows,daily sensational news which consists of current affairs and economic situations in the country.

There is nothing positive about Indian TV shows as far as the character building is concerned.

What is that is Positive about Indian TV channels?

Are we there to see only and tear jerkers and reality shows where you wash your dirty linen and get paid?

Are we there to see only repeat telecast of cricket matches and get excited about our past glories?

Now the challenge is if not these then what?

The irony is the Indian Youth is himself not aware of what is beneficial for him in future.He is living in the make believe world of daily soaps and reality shows.

If you see around you will find many stories of achievements by normal middle class public and lot positivity in the air.

Is there a TV channel which can take up the positive aspects of various small things and events in our daily lives than living to see to the dirty world of Indian politician?

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Second Step..Alternative Career in Training on Personal Development

Since so many seasons ago I wanted to know more about myself.This thought process have taken me on a voyage to discover myself in more holistic terms.

"When you were born you cried while the world rejoiced.Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice"...this is what I wanted in my life.

One among 6 billion mankind is too out of proportion.

How many lives I can touch while walk this beautiful planet?

What impact I will leave on the those minds whom my thoughts have touched and helped them to better themselves?

This made me start a new journey of training and motivating people with Personal development programs.

On 11 July 2009 a small step towards the fulfillment of my discovery had been taken.

By this step I don't know how much I can change other's life but it has definitely changed my life.

There is sense of fulfillment which has opened a new window in my life and given whole new direction.

I was believed that the success of getting ahead is getting started.

The small step of mine is a giant step for my Life.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real life Leadership situations-Hands on Guidance to your team

Roles and responsibilities of a leader who is handling manpower .

1)Sit with team and discuss and arrive at the plan of action for each channel partner.
Discuss ,guide and help him in implementing the channel partner wise strategies.
The team is not equipped to do the same himself.
He needs your help .

2)Make him think beyond normal and improve his horizon.
Help him in thinking bigger.
He will respect you when you help him to grow in life and career.

3)Create an enthusiasm in the team on daily basis and make his work a fun.
He will love to do a Work which is Fun and not a Fun which is Work.

4)Guide them to do data analysis and make them number driven.
Make him realize that the targets sacrosanct.

5)Create an internal competition among the team members.

6)Challenge them to take your place and let him handle the complete area for a day.

7)Don’t allow them to take shortcuts in life.

8)Last but least first be Role model yourself .
They should look upto you.He should always feel that every time you meet him you will open a new window in his mind.

9)Be a Man of Character and help them be one themselves.

10)Don’t be his friend or else you will be not able to command respect.

11)For every situation there is a “Guru Mantra”.
Find out what is that and use it to accomplish the task.

Hope we will use these 11 Guru Mantra to meet our goals .

All the Best!!

Real life Leadership situations-Change the Attitude or Change the person

As they say change is the only constant and we in profession of managing business and leading teams constantly face situation where we need to deliver something form a certain individual and he always fails in that.

A through investigation and after many deliberations you realize that the individual does not want to change his behavior.
I am talking of real life situation where one of my team member never wanted to change his attitude towards product knowledge. I wondered how come he survived so long with such an lousy attitude .

When he was assigned to me the first thing I realized is that he is wanted to live his professional life without bringing in any additional knowledge or without developing any new skill sets.

Regular coaching was a total failure in this case. The tough nut he was that I have made to him sit and learn the products but he was adamant on not doing so.
The beauty of these sessions was that he never said no but never done anything also.

As a leader you can have limited to deliver .I also agree that you won’t get all the mature guys in your team.

But the question is how long you can wait for him to change.

The steps any leader can take to change a non performing individual are …

1)Make your expectations clear about his roles and responsibilities.

2)See if there is gap in the expectations and the productivity or deliveries.

3)Make a coaching cum mentoring plan .
The plan must include theoretical and practical training.

4)Test his knowledge and skill sets and make him realize his shortcomings/improvements.

5)After a suitable time period if he does not change.
Change him.

6)Don’t waste your time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Optimists live longer and healthier lives

Optimists live longer, healthier lives than pessimists as per a study by researchers at University of Pittsburgh.

Researchers looked at rates of death and chronic health conditions among participants of the Women's Health Initiative study, which has followed more than 100,000 women ages 50 and over since 1994.

Women who were optimistic -- those who expect good rather than bad things to happen -- were 14 percent less likely to die from any cause than pessimists and 30 percent less likely to die from heart disease after eight years of follow up in the study.

Optimists also were also less likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes or smoke cigarettes.

The team, led Dr. Hilary Tindle, also looked at women who were highly mistrustful of other people -- a group they called "cynically hostile" -- and compared them with women who were more trusting.

Women in the cynically hostile group tended to agree with questions such as: "I've often had to take orders from someone who didn't know as much as I did" or "It's safest to trust nobody," Tindle said.

"These questions prove a general mistrust of people," said Tindle, who presented her study Thursday at the American Psychosomatic Society's annual meeting in Chicago.

That kind of thinking takes a toll.

"Cynically hostile women were 16 percent more likely to die (during the study period) compared to women who were the least cynically hostile," Tindle said.

They were also 23 percent more likely to die from cancer.

Tindle said the study does not prove negative attitudes cause negative health effects, but she said the findings do appear to be linked in some way.

"I think we really need more research to design therapies that will target people's attitudes to see if they can be modified and if that modification is beneficial to health," she said.

A person who thinks positive thinks positive on the death bed and pessimist thinks negative in the best of the situations.

Optimists are happy go lucky people and their optimism is contagious.Always surround yourself with optimist people and try your bit turn one pessimist into seeing the positive side of life.

Long Live the Optimist and the Pessimist!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blind hiker travels the Appalachian Trail--Definite Positive Step

Trevor Thomas climbed The Appalachian Trail which peaks at the end of 2175 mile journey which is not an easy assignment for even for serious hikers and climbers. But Trevor Thomas truly defied the odds:

He was a third-of-a-mile from the rocky summit of Mount Katahdin, a granite giant that climbs skyward out of Maine’s 100 miles of wilderness.

“Just keep moving,” he said to himself. “Whatever you do, don’t stop.”

Hiking the entire Appalachian Trail is an accomplishment few people can claim. This year about 1,600 have tried and about 460 have finished.

Only one of them — Thomas — was blind.

For Thomas, stricken by a rare eye disease in 2004, the challenge offered something valuable — a chance to restore faith in himself.

In this world we are more fortunate to serve ourselves and the world .Still many among us just while away our time and energy without taking any positive definite steps in our life.

Human being has unimaginable potential.However to convert this potential energy into a substantial force is the work of one in million!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ratan Tata asked to head proposed board for AI revival

Ratan Tata asked to head proposed board for AI revival.Finally the government is realizing that running commercial airlines is not their cup of tea.
What an irony that Govt of India have to call Ratan Tata to revive the sagging fortunes of the Maharaja whom the same Govt had refused the tie up with Singapore airlines.

The Government should always be in soc ail sectors,home and defence and external affairs and not in running airlines and steel mines.

They should divest from PSUs and as decided the proceeds from the same should not go into the National Investment Fund.Instead Rs 1 lac cr of divested funds accrued should be utilized in social and infrastructure sectors and catalyst for economic growth engines of the nation.

Though late than never the government have come into their senses and started handing over real strategic projects like Unique ID cards for the citizen to eminent corporate head honchos like Nadndan Nilekeni.

Good to see the corporatization of Government.CMs like Narendra Modi review the work of their Ministers like a corporate CEO.

Long Live India !! See you at Super Power summit!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Common Education with overall development in India

Maharashtra Education Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil expressed strong reservations against the Centre’s proposal for a uniform board.
“The state will definitely like to see the draft. There are so many issues involved — state’s culture, history, language, etc. In board examinations, we cannot compromise on Marathi language. The state should be consulted. Why should you have a centralised system of education? Education is the responsibility of the state. Why are you taking it out?
Kapil Sibal has started retreating from his grand stand after the different states have started voicing their stands.

Why India as nation should have a common education policy?
If the destination is same i.e. IITs,IIMs and every parents dream is to make Doctors and Engineers so why the path(education system)should not be same.

How come students from different education system compete with each other when the State boards and CBSE differ in their curriculum?

Why not keep a same curriculum for all students and simultaneously keep certain optional subjects?
These optional is development of students but are not taken into considerations in examinations.

This way there will be level playing field as well as good knowledge improvements for those students who want to.

Instead of opposing Mr.Sibal lets support so that the students don't face apartheid policy in at least education.