Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Experiments with Truth..Sach Ka Samna

I still remember the days when as a primary school student I have to accompany my family to some family engagement in our native place.

Though I protested mutely about the first semester examinations I was elated to go there and enjoy the holidays.Seriousness of the career and exams are what what I got much later in my life.

After the much enjoyed holidays I found myself sitting for the exams.

Though not sure but still remember it was Geography.Always got cent percent in this subject and so not knowing many answers made me feel that my life is nearing the end.
What will class say if I fail?

What will be impression on teachers for whom Sun can forget to rise but I failing is impossible.

What will my parents thinks?

Finally I decided to just keep the Geography book inside the desk and started writing the papers.

Alas the invigilator got wind of my misadventure!!

The scolding itself was enough for me rectify the situation.

My maiden experiment with Truth ended at least in my primary school tenure.

Joining Scouts was always for girlie thing.
Chance of joining the National Cadet corp that too in Air wing was enough for the boys to mature as men.After school the selection started and I was pretty sure that I will be selected.But Alas I was rejected because of my spectacle.I thought it gave not only clear vision but also a studious look which the teachers favoured and the opposite sex liked.

I spectacle which gave vision was there to my life dark and so unmanly.
I was seeing other students appearing for that "parade" test and getting selected and I was standing and visualizing the amidst the girls in the Scout parade.


With a flash of brilliant thinking I took off my spectacle and shoved it in my school bag and again appeared for the "parade" test with the next upcoming batch.

As the "Luck" have been the NCC Sir could not recognize me and I got selected.

Thank God I was Man again.

After this successful Experiment with Truth during my two eventful years I was awarded the Best Cadet,Led the entire state for National Integration Camp and also became the Blue eyed boy(nee Man) of the corp.

Keep on Experimenting ...

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