Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ratan Tata asked to head proposed board for AI revival

Ratan Tata asked to head proposed board for AI revival.Finally the government is realizing that running commercial airlines is not their cup of tea.
What an irony that Govt of India have to call Ratan Tata to revive the sagging fortunes of the Maharaja whom the same Govt had refused the tie up with Singapore airlines.

The Government should always be in soc ail sectors,home and defence and external affairs and not in running airlines and steel mines.

They should divest from PSUs and as decided the proceeds from the same should not go into the National Investment Fund.Instead Rs 1 lac cr of divested funds accrued should be utilized in social and infrastructure sectors and catalyst for economic growth engines of the nation.

Though late than never the government have come into their senses and started handing over real strategic projects like Unique ID cards for the citizen to eminent corporate head honchos like Nadndan Nilekeni.

Good to see the corporatization of Government.CMs like Narendra Modi review the work of their Ministers like a corporate CEO.

Long Live India !! See you at Super Power summit!!

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