Monday, April 19, 2010

Beauty is never skin deep!!

Work takes me to amazing places across the distant heartlands of this nation.
Recently I came across a small hoarding in the outskirts of Nasik mentioning "Gargoti".

I came to know about a museum dedicated to stones.Lessor mortals like never pay attention to stones unless it hurts us.After a hectic day I finally decided to see what more can any stone be like!!

"Gargoti" was not a place for generalia was proven with the exorbitant entry fee.

However the moment you enter the place you start falling in love with Mother Earth.

I was zapped to see the beautiful "inside" of earth.Hair like stones,beautiful coloured pieces,stones from moon and mars were there to attract your attention.

However the most important thing were the stones from nearby locations like Jalgoan,Nasik and Mumbai.

If someone says he has seen the world let him visit "Gargoti" ..its worth..its a life time experience ...

One would start appreciating the nature inside mother earth's womb!!!