Monday, July 27, 2015

The Human form of the Magical Tree of 40

The magical Tree of 40 which can bear 40 different fruits by the New York based sculptor and artist Sam Van Aken is a path breaking project started in 2008.The technique includes chip grafting where a sliver of a foreign tree including the bud is inserted into a cut in a live tree.

The final result is 40 different varieties of fruits including peaches, plums, apricots, cherries, etc.

Now imagine how this technique can germinate ideas in people’s mind.

A successful businessman in order to cut cost wanted a sample Employee who can do 40 different jobs. So one hiring gives him a Marketing head, a sales person, an account, HR man and even a security guard !!

A Director of a Zoo wants one sample Animal which can produce offspring like Tiger, Elephant, Deer, Donkey and Monkey!!

A farmer wants one sample Vegetable so that he can get Potatoes, Onions, Brinjals, Cucumbers and even Chillies!!

A Film Producer wants a sample Actor so that he can get a Hero, Heroine, Villain, Comedian and also make up man!!

Now imagine a woman desires a sample Husband so that she can be called mother by an India, a Pakistani, an African and an American and may be an Alien as well!!

Now let’s talk about money. The Tree of 40 costs $30,000 per sample and hold your breath it takes a decade to bear the fruits!!

Now imagine what may be the cost of an Employee 40, Animal 40, Vegetable 40, and Actor 40 and for that matter Husband 40!! 

And like the Tree of 40 if the Employee,Animal,Vegetable....takes 10 years to we have the patience of maintaining them without output!!

Thank God its our imagination not reality!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who is an Eunuch?

A small news item on a leading national daily caught my eye.

It was titled “Doon eunuchs refuse center’s funds offer”. I am not going into the merit of their decision to reject the schemes like pension scheme, education scheme and skill development.

How on earth any Indian can reject such an offer of something for free?
It’s very unindian!!

When most of us are dependent on some dole or other, right from birth to death how can eunuchs reject them?

We have generations being funded for their education and jobs and now such system have become their birth right. When you get everything if you belong to a particular community,why would anyone toil to achieve their goals? Somebody is getting the benefit through reservation and someone through subsidy. Someone gets some freebies for pilgrimage and someone because their forefathers stayed in jungles. Today even the Parliamentarians get subsidy.

Why not make India a Welfare state and give education and everything else free to all. If that is too much to do why not give freebies to all the economically lower strata.

Oh no then how can our political class survive without caste, religion, etc.!!And whom we Indians vote for without allegiance to caste and religion.

Can anyone stop this freebie culture to economically forward people irrespective for their caste and religion?

Anyway India got freedom in 1947 and India is Free today!!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Experiments with Soul!

So many Gurus so many Babas and everybody giving Gyan either to Live Life or Leave Life. I am really confused whether I should prepare myself for Living or Leaving.                              
Yaha Rahne ka thikana nahi waha Jane ki soch rahe hai.

Then there are Corporate Babas who will tell how to become the CEO in your organization.                          

Aaj ka target pura nahi hota CEO huh.

Then there are TV Channel Latkan baba, lucky aunties of the world who tell you how can you make your tomorrow better. 

Aaj ka jugaad hoga toh kal ka sochunga na.   

Now this made me think what should I do? Shall I make tomorrow better, start aspiring to become a CEO or start preparing myself for my next life? I am more confused now.

To hell with becoming something, let me be atleast a good human being. Being a good human needs what I feel is Purity of Soul.

How can I Purify my Soul, when I am full of anger, full of jealousy, full of contempt, full of revenge, full of desires, full of hatred? 

Boy this is easier said than done. Being a good human is not at all very human like.Now even if I wanted to be one, whom am I competing with, the Buddhas,the Mahavirs,the Jesuses,the Nanaks of the world.

Oh My God if I really do so will I still be good Human or  will I be good God like ..even the thought of becoming one makes my heart beat I getting a heart attack!!

I realized one thing my heart is at the Right place...

Monday, May 11, 2015


What do you make out when you hear SOP i.e. Standard Operating Procedures or as per military it is Standing Operating Procedures?

Any normal Joe will think that SOP is just term to be used in corporate scenarios.

Think harder. Most of the problems in our lives is because of non-adherence of SOPs.

Let’s take today’s incident where a traffic cop is hitting a lady with a brick or the Uber cab case in Delhi.

In the first case the traffic cop did not bother to follow the SOP of dealing with a citizen and also the citizen did not follow the SOP of dealing with a corrupt cop and the in second case the traffic department did not bother to do the due diligence before issuing the permit and also taking care of the issue of woman safety.

In both the cases there is a SOP to be followed which was not,which led to the incident.

What is SOP? These are directives defining the actions to be taken upon the occurrence of specific events. It is a set of rule written or otherwise which needs to be followed in our daily lives.

Now let’s see what is our attitude towards SOP like a safety fire drill in offices. Most of the time we do it grudgingly. If someone is asked what we will do in case of fire break, we will be caught unawares.

A simple a case of eating ice cream beyond limit is again an act of non-adherence of SOP which leads to the throat problem and may cause loss of opportunities.

A blatant non-adherence of SOP of speaking on mobile phone while driving which is being done by the illiterates as well the uber class.

One more much abused case of non-adherence of SOP is smoking which causes cancer still we hardly think before lighting the next one.

Rather than trying to change the entire world if each one of just follows the SOPs in our lives it will be certainly a better place to live in.

Shall I call SOP as Save Our Planet?

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Corn to Popcorn

Every day millions of people start their day as fresh Corns and begin their struggle to provide for their families. During the course of the day these people change from fresh corn to popcorn.

Life in a metro sucks.

However is it only the change in our physical appearance?

What changes more than the physical appearance is the emotional turmoil which is happening in the mind. We start cursing ourselves and playing with words which are nothing but negative.

Is this life we are meant for?

Everything what happened today is unexpected and why this happens to me only?
These negative words create negative thoughts and these negative thoughts attract everything that is negative in life. 

Beware of these negative thoughts because first you create them then these thoughts Create You.

The important question is not what is happening to you but how are you responding to it?

The Stimulus which makes us react negatively is just 10% but the reaction is 90%.

Are you just Reacting to the events in life or Responding to it Positively ?

Think of it.