Saturday, July 25, 2015

Who is an Eunuch?

A small news item on a leading national daily caught my eye.

It was titled “Doon eunuchs refuse center’s funds offer”. I am not going into the merit of their decision to reject the schemes like pension scheme, education scheme and skill development.

How on earth any Indian can reject such an offer of something for free?
It’s very unindian!!

When most of us are dependent on some dole or other, right from birth to death how can eunuchs reject them?

We have generations being funded for their education and jobs and now such system have become their birth right. When you get everything if you belong to a particular community,why would anyone toil to achieve their goals? Somebody is getting the benefit through reservation and someone through subsidy. Someone gets some freebies for pilgrimage and someone because their forefathers stayed in jungles. Today even the Parliamentarians get subsidy.

Why not make India a Welfare state and give education and everything else free to all. If that is too much to do why not give freebies to all the economically lower strata.

Oh no then how can our political class survive without caste, religion, etc.!!And whom we Indians vote for without allegiance to caste and religion.

Can anyone stop this freebie culture to economically forward people irrespective for their caste and religion?

Anyway India got freedom in 1947 and India is Free today!!


Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. I can't understand why Prime minister Narendra Modi stop subsidies to parliamentarians when he urges people to quit there gas subsidies.

Joy said...

Their is a campaign started urging honble PM shrine Narendra Modi asking our parliamentarians to give up their respective subsidy. Let's join the chorus