Thursday, July 30, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations..Dream Big ..Dream Moon!!

One of the Real Life Leadership situations which I encountered was the case of Ramesh Sojitra who as a teenager living in a small Saurashtra town,was fascinated by colour prints. Such was his passion that at 22, he ran away from Dhoraji to Mumbai, leaving behind tracts of land his father wanted him to farm.
He mopped floors at a printing studio in Mumbai and worked as an office boy so that he could learn the tricks of the trade. Soon, along with his friends he started a small printing business in Mumbai.
Two decades later, Sojitra, 44, is close to redefining Indian GIS (Geographic Information Systems) segment has developed an integrated GIS and image processing software, which will help prepare better maps. This has applications in sectors like defence, telecom, infrastructure, urban planning, agriculture, environment, power, disaster management and healthcare.

Those with passion so strong that for them normal achievement is no achievement.

For them their Passion is their Mission.They believe they can and they did.

Stories like that of Ramesh Sojitra inspires many with entrepreneurial aspirations.

Those who dream Big and think and act consciously(their passion gets ingrained in their subconscious mind) never fail in life.

Even if they do they will treat these failures as stepping stones and launching pads for a bigger assault .

Those with Positive Attitudes are always motivated to take Definite Positive Steps in Life and they succeed.

We salute the true Indian entrepreneurial skills.

Long Live India !!!

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