Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real life Leadership situations-Change the Attitude or Change the person

As they say change is the only constant and we in profession of managing business and leading teams constantly face situation where we need to deliver something form a certain individual and he always fails in that.

A through investigation and after many deliberations you realize that the individual does not want to change his behavior.
I am talking of real life situation where one of my team member never wanted to change his attitude towards product knowledge. I wondered how come he survived so long with such an lousy attitude .

When he was assigned to me the first thing I realized is that he is wanted to live his professional life without bringing in any additional knowledge or without developing any new skill sets.

Regular coaching was a total failure in this case. The tough nut he was that I have made to him sit and learn the products but he was adamant on not doing so.
The beauty of these sessions was that he never said no but never done anything also.

As a leader you can have limited to deliver .I also agree that you won’t get all the mature guys in your team.

But the question is how long you can wait for him to change.

The steps any leader can take to change a non performing individual are …

1)Make your expectations clear about his roles and responsibilities.

2)See if there is gap in the expectations and the productivity or deliveries.

3)Make a coaching cum mentoring plan .
The plan must include theoretical and practical training.

4)Test his knowledge and skill sets and make him realize his shortcomings/improvements.

5)After a suitable time period if he does not change.
Change him.

6)Don’t waste your time.

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