Monday, July 27, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations--Obama puts off the racial flare ups

Obama has invited Massachusetts cop Sergeant James Crowley and Harvard don Prof. Henry Louis Gates, who had a racial run-in last week, to the White House to smoke the peace pipe  over a beer. They have both accepted the invitation.

Obama moved to defuse the situation that he partially aggravated when he weighed in in favor of the Harvard don, a distinguished African-American scholar and a close personal friend, by saying the police had acted ''stupidly'' in arresting him when he (Gates) called them about a burglary in his house. It turned out that the President made several questionable assumptions, including suggesting that the incident was racially motivated, and the President has since backed off a bit.

Can we imagine the most powerful man in the world to taking steps to dose off the racial fires which he has inadvertently helped to aggravate the situation?

Can we think of any Indian Parliamentarian with such statesman like behavior?

We have all powerful people's representative who are responsible for fuelling communal rights ,emptying the state coffers,creating overall disharmony and putting the nations integration at stake.

Our Parliamentarian should learn from Obama and save the nation.

Long Live India and Long Live Obama!!!

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