Friday, July 24, 2009

Real Life Leadership Situations...Gold from Waste

The other day I was travelling in long distance train.A gentleman in his sixties was sitting quite for more than last two hours.The Silence in that part of the boogie was killing.Normally travelling alone has its disadvantage.Though an extrovert I always communicate with the fellow travellers to understand the true meaning of Life and try to motivate myself by knowing the positives of the common man.

I couldn't stop myself from asking the gentleman about his life and what does he do for living.

"I clean to earn" said the gentleman.Also he earns handsome for his venture.Its a company which cleans Railway oil tankers and sell the waste to make both ends meet and that not for that gentlemen but for at least 50 people in his organization.

I wondered how creative people bitten by entrepreneurial bug can generate capital for the society albeit in a smaller scale.

Next time you see a waste think of the old traveller who Converts Waste into Gold.

Every Indian can't be a Dhirubhai or Narayan Murthy but nothing can stop us from Dreaming Big!

Long Live India !!

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