Friday, July 17, 2009

The Second Step..Alternative Career in Training on Personal Development

Since so many seasons ago I wanted to know more about myself.This thought process have taken me on a voyage to discover myself in more holistic terms.

"When you were born you cried while the world rejoiced.Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries while you rejoice"...this is what I wanted in my life.

One among 6 billion mankind is too out of proportion.

How many lives I can touch while walk this beautiful planet?

What impact I will leave on the those minds whom my thoughts have touched and helped them to better themselves?

This made me start a new journey of training and motivating people with Personal development programs.

On 11 July 2009 a small step towards the fulfillment of my discovery had been taken.

By this step I don't know how much I can change other's life but it has definitely changed my life.

There is sense of fulfillment which has opened a new window in my life and given whole new direction.

I was believed that the success of getting ahead is getting started.

The small step of mine is a giant step for my Life.

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Jayadev said...


Reading your blog for the 1st time - on Jan 1, 2010. I see that you have written on a wide variety of subjects.

But I am particularly gratified to see this picture of you standing at the head of a class as a trainer. It was a dream of yours ... now fulfilled.

I wish you loads of success in this endeavour!

best regards