Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Real life Leadership situations-Hands on Guidance to your team

Roles and responsibilities of a leader who is handling manpower .

1)Sit with team and discuss and arrive at the plan of action for each channel partner.
Discuss ,guide and help him in implementing the channel partner wise strategies.
The team is not equipped to do the same himself.
He needs your help .

2)Make him think beyond normal and improve his horizon.
Help him in thinking bigger.
He will respect you when you help him to grow in life and career.

3)Create an enthusiasm in the team on daily basis and make his work a fun.
He will love to do a Work which is Fun and not a Fun which is Work.

4)Guide them to do data analysis and make them number driven.
Make him realize that the targets sacrosanct.

5)Create an internal competition among the team members.

6)Challenge them to take your place and let him handle the complete area for a day.

7)Don’t allow them to take shortcuts in life.

8)Last but least first be Role model yourself .
They should look upto you.He should always feel that every time you meet him you will open a new window in his mind.

9)Be a Man of Character and help them be one themselves.

10)Don’t be his friend or else you will be not able to command respect.

11)For every situation there is a “Guru Mantra”.
Find out what is that and use it to accomplish the task.

Hope we will use these 11 Guru Mantra to meet our goals .

All the Best!!

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