Friday, July 31, 2009

Can we use Religion for national interests?

Can we use Religion for national interests?

National issues can be a friendly neighbourhood which is essential of India to prosper and take on the world.Our neighbourhood is infested with China and Pakistan who always breathe down our neck and makes our instability their foreign policy cornerstone.

As they say"enemies enemy is your Friend"..India is battered by both China and Pakistan in most collaborated efforts.

One at time its better to take on the bigger neighbour China which if taken care will resolve the other problem.

Apart from the common border both the nations are one of the oldest civilization.

However one of the common but neglected commonality is the religion.

The majority of Chinese follow Buddhism which has its inception and strong followings in India as well.In the national interest we Indians with the help of Buddhist religious leadership can create an understanding and strong bonding with the Chinese religious leadership can influence the Chinese psyche.

This will help project India as the fatherland of their majority religion.

It is always the person who is at the helm of the affairs can tilt the situation in our favour.The case in the point is how come China suddenly drops the Sikkim issue.The primary reason is the Vajpayee's personal charisma which altered the scales in our favour.

Similarly the India-US relationship got hoodwinked by the personal relationship of Nehru with them.It took not only the end of cold war but also the growth of India as economic behemoth to change the perception of US towards India.

In case of China it is only the religion which will make the Chinese bite the bait sooner than expected.

Long Live India!!Long live our religions!!!

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