Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Role of Indian Television Industry in Character building of Indian Youth

The Indian Television Industry has been in existence since last 4 decades and have grown leaps and bounds.

The viewers have become aware of the various facets of life.
However a deep analysis shows that most the channels focus on daily soaps,reality shows,daily sensational news which consists of current affairs and economic situations in the country.

There is nothing positive about Indian TV shows as far as the character building is concerned.

What is that is Positive about Indian TV channels?

Are we there to see only and tear jerkers and reality shows where you wash your dirty linen and get paid?

Are we there to see only repeat telecast of cricket matches and get excited about our past glories?

Now the challenge is if not these then what?

The irony is the Indian Youth is himself not aware of what is beneficial for him in future.He is living in the make believe world of daily soaps and reality shows.

If you see around you will find many stories of achievements by normal middle class public and lot positivity in the air.

Is there a TV channel which can take up the positive aspects of various small things and events in our daily lives than living to see to the dirty world of Indian politician?

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