Saturday, April 23, 2011

Reinventing Yourself

We may be one among the millions who are running to make both ends meet and aspire for more.
It may some years that we are moving faster and faster for getting higher and higher.

A time comes when we are running like zombies not knowing where are we going? What are our goals ?

Suddenly you realize whatever you are doing is not taking you towards your goals, its actually not even worthy of pursuing.

Tired and bored , doing the same things for years together!

Actually the goal posts have shifted and so are your personal goals!

A time comes when you feel nonexistent to the family , friend  and to the world at large.

That’s the time to Reinvent yourself.

Are we the lesser mortals who face this situation?

No we are not alone.
Did you see a caterpillar changing to a beautiful butterfly?  

Did you see personalities like Amitabh Bachchan still surviving the Bollywood race?

Did you see the oldest lyricist in India Gulzar giving the younger lot a run for their money?

What did they do ? They reinvented themselves.

That’s the time to start again ,fresh for total makeover and clear goals to enjoy life once again and be happy and spread happiness.

Just remember....

  • Think through your present situation and come out with suitable goals for yourself.
  • Create and implement the action plan for the said goal.
  • Make yourself immune to the world’s habit of criticizing you.
  • Remember it will be painful to change yourself totally, so be patient.

Take pit stop but never stop till you have reinvented yourself.

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