Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Corruption free India is my birthright and I must have it!

Corruption starts from the Top. The crusade must take us to logical conclusion. Politicians are the bane to the society. Every nook and corner of this nation is full of corrupt people.

Second war for Independence against corrupt has just begun.The Jan Lokpal bill will act as a deterrent against the corruption. The movement by Anna and team is biggest since Independence.

1.2 billion Indians have supported the Indian cricket team and helped them to get the required motivation to lift the world cup.Can this support be for our nation ,for our own people ,for our motherland who is being ransacked by the bloody politician of all hue and color?

The entire population of 1.2 billion is being fooled by just 1 lac bloody politicians.

Let Jantar Mantar be the Tahrir square of India.My appeal to all youth and student to support this movement and clean the system immediately.All political parties are equally responsible for looting this nation.All the terrorist attacks happen when there is someone in the political echelon or the bureaucrat who has sold the nation to the enemies of our motherland.
Political parties distributing Televisions, blanket , etc is nothing but corrupt practices by these leeches.3,00,000 Crore being stashed away in Swiss bank we have people dying every day due to starvation.

Keeping your eyes closed on corruption is nothing more than behaving like an ostrich and makes you an accomplice of the corrupt.Don’t keep yourself aloof of this movement.Speak up and come out in open.Half a century has passed and India is still hovering at the bottom of the heap of the nations.

We don’t have dictators like in Arabian and African nations but politician in India are ready to sell their mothers.
Once the Jan Lokpal Bill gets passed we can see a different nation arising in this world.It took us long to get independence from the Britishers but in days of international media breathing down your neck it will be a swift movement.Have patience and let the movement gather movement ,the entire government will fall like a pack of cards.

Enough is Enough,now its our turn to decide our future.

Let’s pledge our support to all those fighting against corruption.

Citizens of India wake up and fight for your right! 

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