Saturday, August 22, 2009

As you Sow So you Reap !!

The SMS just got me up on rainy saturday morning.Normally all the SMSs with gyan are a big no-no for me unless I am in a mood.Almost I touched the delete key when I thought of viewing the SMS.

One of my colleague had send the same.It read like this...

While walking ,a man was shocked to see God selling on the sidewalk.

Man:Lord!What are You selling?

God:Whatever your heart desires!

Man:I want happiness,Freedom from Hunger and Peace for my family.

God(Smiling):I don't sell Fruits,Son.
Only Seeds.Whatever a Man sows ,that is what he Reaps.

As they say your present conditions are because of your karma.
If you make others unhappy ,you are cruel to others God has the way to pay us in the same coin.

If this is true then Why was Sri Ram made to suffer for fault of his?

If this is true then Why was Jesus crucified ?

If this is true then Why was Mahatma Gandhi killed?

If this is true then why so many good and lesser known people amongst ourselves suffer at the hands of God and Man?

Still we the lesser mortals think Karma catches up with you in this life?

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