Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why Shobha De cries in Romania?

I found it heart breaking... look into those sad eyes. Look at the plastic begging bowl. There she was at the palace gates in Krakow on a cold evening, playing a single tune over and over again on that little accordion. I placed a few coins in the bowl.... but couldn't walk away-----Shobhaa De

Poverty is the curse all over the world and it does not know any religion and and there is choice to the children to choose their parents.

The situation in India is worse and still we need a foreign location to shed our tears.

People who matter like Shobhaa De can take causes of poverty eradication in India.

Why waste your talents and huge influence in the top echelon of the Public administration and Ministries?
Rather work for employment generation and other real and more prioritised social issue than show your skin in page 3 of a national daily.

Come on Shobhaa the nation pays you through the currency of Love and Publicity!!

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Prasun Kulshrestha said...

hello, to come on page3 , its good. As u said to work in social & nation favor & then come on page 3.....this is also not true so far. coz everyone earn money & try to spend it in his own ways. They have their own interest of seeing this society in their way. It may sound like this should happen but its like.....everyone has their own tale of priorities.