Monday, August 3, 2009

Real Life Leadership situations..Conquest of Fear

One quality which separates the Successful persons from not so Successful is Conquest of Fear by the Successful.
"Darr ke agey Jeet hai" describes the feelings in a great way.During my career as a Sales and Marketing Professional I have seen it myself.
For lesser mortal like us Fear is not just climbing a mountain or doing a bungee jumping,it is as simple as going into the Vice Presidents/CEO's cabin and talking to him.
I have seen great professionals with performances delivered on daily and monthly basis,get butterflies in their stomach if the head honcho calls them.
The most perceptible and visible thing in a person with fear is their presentation skills,which takes a beating.The fear in such cases are due to lack of confidence in themselves and also they suffer from tremendous inferiority complex.
There are various kinds of fear(phobia) but many suffer from the fear of unknown.These personalities are not even aware of the reason of their fear.
They realize that a particular kind of fear has creeped into their body,mind and heart.The solution for such fear is nothing but to take a deep breath and say to yourself "I am in control".

Positive affirmations changes the fear cloud in your mind and you feel confident and are ready to nip the fear bud in the roots itself.

Make it is practice to take a deep breath and say"I am in control" every hour and within and a week's effort you will start feeling better.

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