Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are the "Hari Sadu" of your organization?

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Does the growth of your subordinate/second in command ensure your growth in the organization?

This propelled me to think of the different bosses who shaped my career and whom I have assisted and helped them grow.

Type 1:Autocrats
They are like czars whose only aim to rule roost and make others life as hell as possible.They are hated by each of the team members and as everyone knows all his acts are only for his benefits.They scream,bark,bite and create their own system.They can be best described as "Hari Sadus" in your career path.
The best way to tackle is not to tackle at all ,"discretion is the better part of valour".

Type 2:Democrats
They are like Prime Minister of a coalition government.They mostly believe in consensus and are easily approachable and they believe in open office funda.
The best way to tackle them is show your best self and promote yourself with your ideas and suggestions.

Type 3:Back stabbers
They mostly lack in knowledge base and are actually depended on the team but does not show it.They take all the help from the team and present it as his own and ensures all the decisions from the top does not percolate to the team and whatever he percolates he takes all the credits for the same and makes it as his own benevolence.They don't feel a pinch to stab you in order to promote themself and can snatch the rug under your feet at any possible opportunity.
The best way to tackle them is to open a line with his bosses and feed them with relevant info about the real creator ,as and when necessary.

Type 4:Mother hen
They can never believe that his team can grow and occupy his chair in future.
But at the same time he protects all team and never allows you to come in the firing line.
The best way to manage them is to make him realize that he(the boss) is due for a promotion and he should worry about his colleague(who is his competitor )than the lowly team members.

Type 5:The Great leveller
Though he has grown but he always believe that nobody else is better than him to be a good shepherd and he is always there to go down to the frontline and channel level to take care of the issues.The team members feel there is no need for them in the organization.
They best way to tackle them is to tell them the story of the Prime Minister of the nation doing the work of a corporator.

Type 6:The Ignitors
This type of bosses are not involved in your day today activities,they are neither concerned whether you are online offline ,in the office or on tour ,etc.
There only concern is "you take what you want and deliver I what I want".They give all the freedom and try to ignite your mind and and fire your imagination and in turn you own your success(or failure) to yourself.
The best way to manage them is get the maximum out the system(boss)and propel your growth by performance.

Managing the Boss is nothing but managing his thoughts and his liking ,his past,his aspirations and if still you get time to manage yourself and think of yourself and your future then do it!!
Having said this one thing certain ........................................ Managing your Future is nothing but Managing your bosses Future!!

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