Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yeh monthend ka end kab aayega!!

Sales guys have their lives counted on months.It is expected that a good month good performance makes you eligible for the paycheck or else you are #$@%!^.
As airplane pilot's experiences are measured in hours a Sales persons experience should be measured in month ends.Some funny Joe will ask you in job interview about your contribution to the organization...aree Saheb itne din tika raha ..itne month end nikale woh kya kum bada achievement hai!!
The guy tired of sales life finds himself infront of a Daruwala to know his future and listens ''jajman aapke toh sirf 12 month ends baaki hai".
The poor guy must have died many months but this bolt must have been the last nail!!

Many battles have won and many lost around the month ends.When the entire company is relaxing the sales guys is drowned in the month end ...dumping material till the time business partner starts vomitting.
The last hour sales targets and last minute ditches by the customers are normal heartaches for the sales guys and still he is expected to live and perform to prove his worth.

Beginning of the next month some creative genius from the marketing or your boss's boss appears from nowhere to know the reasons of last month's success.
His question clean bolds you and makes you wonder, you scratch your head say to yourself "had I known the reason of success don't you think I would have implemented same every month".

Now if you had a bad month you are liable to explain the reasons of failure,now alas if you had known the reason would you not rectify the same that month only.
A successful month brings many Fathers who will claim that it is there ideas which clicked...

It's like asking the patient the reasons of his ailment!!

Every month Sales world rotates around monthends and the sales guy wonder when will be his last month!!!

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