Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Good Leader knows how to fly kites..

Where are you? Where did you go? How ? Why? When? 

Are you a Boss like this?

Are you breathing down your team’s neck?

Are you a Control freak?

Does your team want a Leader like you?

Now turn the question on yourself  and ponder,will you like to be chased and caged every day ?

In order to get the tasks done do you chase your team or nudge them?

A true leader and team member’s relationship is like a flying Kite.

The kite is required to be given necessary air to fly and requires raise and stability. 

Good leader fly multiple kites with different length of threads and still manage to give each of them a feeling of sense of ownership of their existence.

A good leader will always give much needed liberty to his team and still not lose sight of him.

This will help give the team the necessary Freedom to Excel and Accountability to Act.

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