Sunday, April 7, 2013

Be the first one in front of your customer…

As a greenhorn  when I started my career as a fax machine salesman ,my job was to contact small and big companies where I can sell  and achieve my quota.

Initial 45 days passed without any success  and then one day my boss told me that we cannot pay if things don’t turn positive.
It was only natural to have the animal instinct of fright and flight.But rather than getting bogged down I started contacting more people on daily basis.

Then one day a small company who were into printing business asked me for a demo ,which turned out good.After keeping the order and cheque in my bag ,I asked the customer ,in spite of so many salesman and so many big companies selling the same product why did he give me this order?

He said for all the big companies I have to call them and you are the person who came to me!

That day made me realize it is the not the best product or the bigger company which will make you sell but rather it the best timing when you are the first one to satisfy the customer’s early hunger for that product.

Always be in front of the customer when his need is getting birth!

After this incident my resolution for the career were :

-Be the first one to help the customer during his need stage.
-Customer would like the sales guy to be in front of him rather than calling him over.
-I cannot be omnipresent so I made my customer contact program  4 times of my best competitor.
-I always imagined my competitor is working harder so I have to work 4 times harder.This made me produce outstanding results.

Cut to today’s social media world still the customer faces the same problem ,how to get the sales guy in front of him when there is a need.

Now Hard work has changed to Smart work where you make yourself available in front of your customers virtually and consistently as you never know when the customer’s need is germinating!!

Joh dikhta hai Woh Bikta hai still holds true!  

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