Friday, August 9, 2013

Whats the Foundation of your Life?

You see a woman with child standing in a train or bus and you get up to offer your seat to her or you looked the other way?

You see a blind person or old man trying to cross a busy street and you help him to do so or you acted as if you haven't seen him?

You see a girl being harassed by some goons and you jump to help her or thought why get into trouble for some unknown person?

You are at unmanned traffic signal and still  don’t jump it or look sideways and speed up your car?
What  made you take these actions ?


What did you choose?

Dig deep and you will see a pattern in your behavior.You will see your actions are somewhere driven and fueled by something internal.

These are nothing but your Values which make you act in a particular way.In case  you don’t act according to values you will either fail or will not enjoy the success of the outcome.

The values comes from our family,society,neighborhood,education system and the information fed into us from the moment we take birth.

In order to build a successful life the Values act like the foundations.

But the irony is most of us, though want to build a successful life which you can compare with a tall  building but are  unaware of our values which is the foundation.

Can you build a tall building without laying a strong foundation?

If no then why do you do so in the tower called Life?

Knowing Values is like knowing yourself.

To do this observe,monitor and write down your actions and behavior so that understand the pattern to decipher the values on which your life is built.

Other way is to understand the behavior and actions of your role models and try to identify on what values you are similar.

On doing this you will come out some values which are helping you and some need to discarded.

For example one of the values in our life that only hard  work pays.In order to achieve anything you will slog and burn the midnight oil or you walk miles to accomplish the same.However smart work also support you in getting your work done.Your value of “hard  work” will chain you to some unwanted routine  and will make you lose future opportunity. It can be better to discard such value.But I am not proposing that hard work is not a good value.I am only saying if you can work smartly why do you need to toil like an ox.

Take your Values seriously for they are your life’s foundation.

Next time when you bribe a government clerk to get your work done ask yourself if this value is good or bad for your success in life.

Next time you talk ill about someone ,ask yourself….?

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