Thursday, August 22, 2013

Will you give the Control of your life to a thugh?

In reply to RTI filed Lok Sabha secretariat said on June 3, 2009 that there was "no provision either in the Constitution or the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha defining duties and responsibilities of members of Parliament or through which the accountability can be fixed on non-performing MPs".

Is the Indian Parliamentarians accountable to any one in the country after they are elected by the people?

 Though we are a  democracy and it is defined as for the people and by the people of  the people, nobody is responsible for this system.

The people’s representative are not responsible for anyone as they are not held accountable for any action.They always blame either the opponents or the people for any mishap or non action.

Having said that can we ask ourselves whether we as the people for the responsible democracy are accountable for our action.

When we don’t vote for elections and still blame the systems for all the corruption.Being accountable means the ownership of the great action is us.Then we will not only vote but choose judiciously our representative.

Changing the nation is one thing but changing self is other!!
When we take action to grow,change,develop,achieve and we hold others responsible for our action then we actually deny ourselves a chance to prosper.

If we are accountable for our growth oriented actions we must realize that this will be time consuming process,the rewards are not immediately seen and maintaining the change is all the more difficult.

The belief must that the change is a process and not a destination.This helps us in reconciling with outcome which may take time,may be difficult to get at,rewards may not look up immediately and will not be easy to maintain

Which areas in our life we are held accountable?

Is this a self regulation or imposed on us?

What are the benefits we can draw from being accountable?

Being not accountable for our own actions is like allowing a blind man to drive our vehicle called life.

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