Saturday, August 24, 2013

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Have you been to meeting where throughout the meeting you were not able to ask a single question?

Have you been in a classroom where after the teacher explained the concepts ,you were not able to ask any question?

Have you been to an interview where after all the interactions when the time came for you to ask question,you freezed and felt awkward to ask any?

This lack on of proper questioning leads to a situation where inspite of getting a chance to uncover the truth, we waste it.


The reasons may be:

-Fear of asking questions.

-Lack of knowledge of the subject.

-Don’t know how to ask questions.

-Thinking that asking questions will be disrespect.

Whatever may be the reason,the person who is at loss is you!

In order to correct the situation what is needed is the commitment to ask questions,a belief that we are liable to get the answers which we are unaware,the underlying beliefs that are there in the other person’s mind.

The Powerful questions makes a person to think differently , provokes to unearth the true intentions behind a particular thought process, discovers multiple solution to a particular problem.

You can use the Socratic method of questing where you can turn the question asked by the person into an answer and ask another question to it.

You can also ask Probing questions which leads the person to think deep into the issue and provokes him to answer it most logically with complete truths.

You can pepper you questioning sessions with a close ended and some open ended question for more elaborate thinking and analysis.

Right use of language,tone and volume  of voice also ensures a proper answer.

The place of questing is also very important .Any distractions will not lead to logical answers.

Most important thing is plan for the questions .It should be well prepared ,well thought through which will help in either creating more awareness,change management or new development.
You should know where not to your keep mouth shut?

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