Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What did Columbus discover?

You are going through a rough phase in your career.You are not happy about what is happening in your job.You mull over the situation and then decide to quit the job and start something on your own.

You seek to talk to person whose knowledge is known to everyone and you also seek wisdom on business from him.As advised you take up a selling of a software on lottery business.You invest your money,time and energy to make it successful.

One year passes by  and you seem to go nowhere.

Back to square one!!

What happened?What is the mistake you have done?

Someone else suggesting you some business and you lapped it up and then realize it’s not what you enjoy.Is the Advice giver at fault or you as the advice taker?

Had you been more aware about yourself ,your values ,your means of achieving success in life?

Is some underlying belief that lottery is bad business hampering your cause?

The real issue was you are not Aware of your own self.

What is awareness? How aware are you? What’s Self awareness?

These question when put before someone would elicit answers like yes I am aware.I am aware about the all the persons around me.I know my friends and family members.My colleagues and peers.There likes and dislikes.Do they love me or not. For my close friends I am aware about their strengths and weakness,about their daily routine,about their passions and hatreds.

I am aware of the wealth of me and my friends.I am aware of big and nice buildings in my city and latest cars available in the market.I am aware of the latest gadgets I should have and best suit that I should pickup .

And we call these as Self Awareness.

But are they really?

Self Awareness means we are aware of ourselves,our strengths and weaknesses,our pattern of daily routines ,our habits and our behaviors,our actions and our reactions to different situations.You start thinking if  you could have been aware of your mind,body,soul and beliefs.If you could have been more aware of your behavior patterns.If you could have been more aware  of you what you enjoy doing and why?

In order to be Self Aware we must:

1)Understand our behavior and pattern of our daily routine by journaling.

2)List down our strength and weakness by self understanding and by taking support of our family and friends.

3)Execute an exercise regime and dose of meditation which will help in lot of realization about ourself.

4)Engage with a coach who can help with Effective feedback,powerful questioning and role playing if necessary.

5)Attend a workshop on Self Awareness or read books on the same.

Many amongst us will read a book or two on some famous personality and start emulating him.That's a sure way of hara kiri and living out of ones character.That will not be successful and will hurt us more and we can have bouts of low self esteem.

Rather, once we are Self Aware we need to utilize our Strengths and behavior to  understand in what field or profession these strengths can be put to work for optimum results.

This will help us to be a leader in own way as we will be charting an unbeaten path of success and glory. 

A leader’s life is nothing but a path of self discovery and following those strengths.

1)What did Columbus discover?

Is it America or Self?

Or is it Self first and then America?

2)God created Man and put Self Awareness deep into the trenches of his mind. Man reached Moon and will reach Mars.

When will you dive inside…?  

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Joy said...

Self before America, deep dive is already on. Discovering new avenues