Monday, August 26, 2013

Listening between the lips require more than 2 Ears

Just tune in to 9 o’ clock prime time news of an Indian News channel.

The discussion on an important subject on national interest is marked by unruly political participants whose duty at that juncture is to outwit the other participants and shout him down.

In this scenario the casualty is the nation,when everyone is shouting nobody is listening.

One of the basic need of any individual is to understand and be understood.This require us to listen to them.

Everyone amongst us claims to be a good listener.However we can recollect only 50 % of what we have listened few minutes back.

Active listening is more of listening,it is listening what is not said!!

Tuning in to the speaker is best way to listen to him.One has to be present during the talk.Active listening requires to us understand the nuances and undercurrents of what the other person is saying .This can be done by tuning to the tone ,pitch and emotions of the talker.

If you want to develop active there is small exercise which needs us sit in a quite place and then count from 1 to 50 without your thoughts drifting you off.If you can achieve this then it means you are capable to active listening for 60 sec.Though it may look small ,in case of conversation it is decent period.

Listening is attached to the self worth of a person.

Think when you are not being listened how do you feel.Worthless,right?

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