Monday, August 26, 2013

Have you taken the Will Roger's Test?

Will Rogers a Hollywood actor once famously said “I never met a man I couldn’t like”.

He did not say “I never met a man I didn’t like”.

By using the word “couldn’t” what Roger pointed to a simple fact that reaching out to humanity of man is choice we can exercise.

Relationship is a ship which is held together by the glue of Trust.
Without Trust the relationship Rusts.

Most of the problems in this world whether they include between two nations or between two business partners or between husband and wife happens because of lack of trust.

Trust is the most abused word in the world. However when it comes genuinely understanding trust our efforts are not in right directions.

If this is such a known fact  and everyone is aware of the same ,why 
there is no efforts towards that?

The first step to create trust is commit ourselves to doing so.

Acknowledging the lack of trust can be pointer towards to create so.

Commitment is followed by creating a trusting space between partners which help all the emotionally to connect.This further leads to genuinely putting our heart out for everyone else to see and appreciate.

This can only happen when people come into the partnership with an open mind .

A non judgmental behavior is must and honesty is very useful when mistakes happen.

Ethics in relationship will help us to unearth our deepest lacunae’s
and biggest dreams .

In a trusting relationship we are supported throughout our journey and challenged to learn and develop our skill sets on our way to achievement of our life goals.

Can we take a stock of existing relationship on the basis of trusting relationship?

Can we proactively use the Will Roger test and trusting space creation for any new relationship we are creating?

Can you agree and say “I never met a man I couldn’t like”.

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