Monday, August 26, 2013

Are you sufficiently topped up to acknowledge other's contribution?

How do you feel when someone very respectful pats you on the shoulder and recognizes your contribution?

How does a student feel when his teacher recognize his genuine efforts?

We all like to be Acknowledged by our peers,superiors,friends and family.

But when it comes to reciprocating,do we have the large heart to do so?

It has been seen that normally people don’t acknowledge someones contributions.

What can be the reason for the same?

Acknowledgment is act of giving.Human being by nature does not like to give.That too in this competitive environment people hardly do so.

One reason being people think acknowledging someone’s effort means acknowledging that your are less capable.

Secondly you must be actually topped up for acknowledging someone else.

Are we miser in terms of acknowledging someone else’s efforts?

Ask yourself.

People will compliment someone for his good dress. But complimenting is done when you feel good about something.In acknowledgement “me” is out of the picture,it is about the other person,his efforts and his achievement.

Is acknowledgement only needed in corporate offices?
Even in our family people need acknowledgement.Since we are so near to them we hardly see and recognize their efforts.Our Mothers,fathers,wives,siblings and kids contributions should never go unnoticed as all our achievements are cipher without them.

When was the last time you have acknowledged the contributions made by some dear ones and not so dear ones ?

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