Thursday, December 21, 2017

What's your Maturity?

In a recent training program in one of the best bank in this country I faced a situation which is not very normal to me.During a debrief after an activity on the importance of body language a participant said with a dejected tone "these are not applicable in daily life.” A normal reaction would have been to give her your piece of your mind.Though taken aback,I did not react,regained my composure and made her understand the logic behind the body language with more examples and role play.

By the end of the program she started seeking guidance on her life.

Cut to a situation four years ago when a participant behaved in rowdy manner, I was on fire and made sure nobody should not mess with me on my subject.

What made the change happen?

Why did I have new approach towards others?

While discussing these two incidents with my coach I realized a sense of maturity in my perspective.

That made me think-what is maturity?

Who is a mature person? Does maturity come with age?

Let's understand…

  • When you have a difference of opinion with your father and you still respect him and behave normally and that's maturity.
  • When you see your son doing something which is not as per your "values" and still you are friends with him, that's maturity.
  • When you have fight with your spouse and you are looking for some alibi to talk to her, that's maturity.
  • When your friend's political views are diagonally opposite to you, and you are the first to help him in times of need is maturity.
  • When your neighbor follow a different route to the Almighty and still you are one to donate blood in his need is maturity.
  • When you find more salt in your food and still don't react, that’s maturity.
  • When you start accepting people with different opinions and views that's maturity.
  • When you work hard and do not get what you expect and still you enjoy the situation that's maturity.
  • When accept good and not so good situations in your life with equanimity that’s being mature.
  • When you detach yourself for bad turn of events that's being mature.

Can you mature with age, not necessary? But with experience you start accepting the reality of life, that’s being mature.

Being Mature is Being Human...

What do you say?

If you have any issues which has become a mind-block, do connect with me before it's too late.

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Unknown said...

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